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Hofmann Services

Public Employment - Recruiting - Staffing 37 Active Jobs

Founded in 1985 by Ingrid Hofmann in Nuremberg, Germany, Hofmann Services is a staffing solutions company. With U.S. headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, Hofmann Services works to help companies assemble teams and fill positions in order to create optimal performance. Hofmann Services offers

  • Temporary Staffing
  •  Temporary to Permanent Placement Services
  •  Permanent Placement Services
  •  On-Site Administration, HR Management and Workforce Management


    Quality - to provide, and be recognized as a leading supplier of, quality, innovative and consultative recruitment and staffing solutions

   Relationships – to demonstrate working practices and relationships that our competitors will wish to emulate

   Optimal Solutions – to listen to our clients and candidates, and provide a solution commensurate with the requirement and overall objectives

    Raising the Standard – to raise the profile, professionalism, working practices and standards of the recruitment process and industry

    Promote Development – to promote the development, welfare and long-term prospects and opportunity for all associate staff

   Uphold Promises – to uphold all obligations and promises made to clients for supply of services and staff

    Honesty and Realism – To provide an honest and realistic approach to the continuous development of client requirements and strategies

Contact Us

1 Glenlake Parkway
Suite 925
Atlanta, GA  30328
Tel:   (888) 415-2888
Fax: (678)-828-4333