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Specializing in Tank Services for over 24 years

HMT is committed to resolving the challenges confronting the aboveground petroleum storage tank industry. Our success is attributed to our exceptional service-oriented staff, which is dedicated to safety first while providing quality products and efficient services.

A key to our success is a solid understanding of the changing industrial and environmental needs of our customers and at the same time focusing on their bottom line profits. Flexibility, responsiveness, safety, and quality are the foundations of our services. Our personnel have the experience, knowledge and customer-focused attitude that have long associated the name HMT with the term “service”.

Due to HMT’s Research and Development programs, we are continuously providing new and innovative products and services to meet the ever-expanding requirements of our customers. Whether it is tank products, maintenance and repair, construction services, or specialty design and fabrication, we will continue to serve your needs today as well as advance the technology to meet your challenges of the future.


  • Primary Seals
    HMT provides many types of Primary Seals for Aboveground Floating Roof Storage Tanks. These Primary Seal designs include state-of-the-art Mechanical Shoe Seals, Wiper Seals, Tube Seals, Foam Seals and special application type seals. These seals are designed for both External and Internal type floating roofs. A wide range of materials of construction is incorporated into each type seal design to ensure compatibility with the stored liquid product and long service life. These seals are designed to keep the stored hydrocarbon vapors from escaping to the atmosphere, even when subjected to adverse service conditions and wide variations in roof rim space. Several of these seal designs allow installation while the storage tank remains in-service.

  • Secondary Seals
    HMT provides a wide range of Secondary Seals for Aboveground Floating Roof Storage Tanks. These Secondary Seal designs range from Wiper Seals to special Low Profile Seals for both External and Internal Floating Roofs. As with the Primary Seals, these Secondary Seals are designed for stored liquid product compatibility and extended service life, accommodating wide variations in roof rim space. The Low Profile Secondary Seals allow tank owners to obtain additional usable tank capacity.

  • Roof Drain Systems
    HMT offers several types of Roof Drain Systems that drain rainwater off External Floating Roofs. While conventional hose drains and metal clad “Multi-Flex” drains are available, HMT features its Pivot Master® Drain System, providing the best features of both rigid pipe systems and flexible hose systems. These “time-tested” and proven drain systems provide maintenance free dependability and long service life.

  • Fire Fighting Systems
    Utilizing the Pivot Master® Flexible Joint System, HMT provides “through-tank” type Fire Fighting Foam Delivery Systems. These systems are designed to deliver the foam where it is needed---in the floating roof rim space---quickly and efficiently, directly on the stored liquid product.

  • Floating Roofs
    HMT designs and provides floating roofs for both External and Internal Floating Roof Storage Tanks. Annular Pontoon, Double Deck and Buoy type External steel roofs are available. For Internal Roof applications, HMT offers various types of contact and non-contact aluminum, stainless steel and fiberglass roofs, as well as pan, compartmented and pontoon type steel roofs. Many of these Internal Roofs can be provided with the HMT Suspended Deck System, eliminating the need for roof support legs. Oil-Water Separator Covers are also offered by HMT in aluminum, stainless steel and fiberglass materials of construction.

  • Specialty Products
    HMT provides many specialty products for Aboveground Storage Tanks. Many of these products are designed to reduce hydrocarbon emissions to the atmosphere, such as gauge pole floats, sleeves and socks, floating roof support leg socks and specialty seals. HMT also provides hydrocarbon sensing valves, wax scrapers, floating suctions and quick-draw bottom sumps. Other tank related offerings include secondary containment systems, leak detection systems and remotely operated floating roof support leg adjustment systems.

  • Inspection
    HMT offers the latest in NDE equipment for aboveground storage tank inspections, spheres, and piping with fully qualified ASNT, API 653, 570 & 510 certified inspectors. Our engineering services include evaluations per API 653, API 570 & API 510.

  • Maintenance & Repair
    HMT provides tank repair and maintenance services, including bottom replacements, shell repairs, fixed and floating roof repairs and replacements, tank re-Leveling, fittings and appurtenances, special design and engineering work, as well as specialty fabrication and construction project work.

  • New Tanks
    HMT is a full-range designer, fabricator and field erector of steel structures including aboveground storage tanks, bins, stacks, silos, and vessels.

  • Engineering
    Innovative designs, forward looking designs, tank usability, attention to your bottom line some of many benefits HMT brings to the table.

  • Fabrication
    HMT is your one-stop resource for all your aboveground storage tank fabricating needs.

  • Turnkey
    HMT provides turnkey maintenance & repair, and design & construct services.

  • Government
    HMT's Government Services group has been organized to effectively manage the provision of all the company's current products and services to federal, state and local agencies while maintaining the proper documentation often associated with governmental agency contracts.