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HireVergence, LLC.

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The challenge: “How to start the most commoditized business in the history of mankind, and somehow make it unique and perceived as strategic”. Being serial entrepreneurs, this was a very challenging obstacle to overcome. We were repeatedly asked why we would choose this path, after successfully starting and selling other less commoditized IT services businesses.

The answer comes in several parts. First, the biggest challenge we faced as business owners was finding and retaining top talent. Part of that was our responsibility as owners to create a culture that people wanted to be a part of, and a successful business where people could meet their personal financial and career goals. We consistently did a good job at that, but struggled to effectively leverage what we had created to attract talent at the pace that we needed to. We often leaned on IT staffing firms, but found that they were generalists and presented us with unqualified candidates. This lead to more work sifting through resumes, and ultimately we saw little to no value. We figured that if we started a company that solved a problem that we were experiencing, like minded organizations would use us.

Secondly, we believe in adding value by FOCUSING. It is one of our core values for any business we are involved in. Our background in information security combined with the incredible demand for talent is the foundation of our business.

Lastly, to be the best you need to hire the best talent and keep them happy and engaged. We strive to create a culture that aligns our customer’s success to our employee’s success. We take pride in each and every opportunity that we have the opportunity to work on, and treat each new position as a “challenge” to prove that our services are both unique and strategic.


At HireVergence, information security is part of our DNA – we strive to be the best at finding top security talent. By understanding the different technologies, playing an active role in the information security community, and following a unique process of identifying quality candidates, we are consistently able to differentiate ourselves in the market.

HireVergence’s talent acquisition specialists bring the value of years of diverse experience to your staffing and career development needs. As a full service IT staffing and recruiting firm with a focus on security, HireVergence is able to scale our offerings to meet our client’s needs. Contact Us for more information on contract, contract-to-hire and direct hire services.


At HireVergence, we believe the cornerstone of providing IT talent is putting together a team of experienced, intelligent, and committed people. Employees who are passionate about their careers are much more likely to be protective of their employers, and go the extra mile.

HireVergence takes extra steps when screening candidates for positions. Our goal is to not inundate our clients with resumes, but pick a small subset of the “best” people available. We connect the right talent to companies where they can optimize their talents. We offer ongoing support to our candidates with opportunities to receive coaching, training, and access to a virtual bench of security industry experts.

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