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Highland Reserve

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Highland Reserve is a marketing and sales firm located in the Highlands, not too far from downtown Louisville, Ky. We work to provide our clients the best team to meet and develop their client base here in Kentucky.

Cameron, the company’s president, knew that our clients have a need for expansion, however, providing a place where the company can meet and become a part of the community was important as well. We focus on bringing together a team that knows the market and providing our customer base the best in service.

At Highland Reserve, the most important aspect of our company is relating and building up within the community that we live in every day. Working at Highland Reserve, our team has hands on dedicated training that provides opportunity to learn more than your typical entry level candidate. By providing our team access to constantly learn and develop their skills, the client wins as well.

Career Opportunities

At Highland Reserve, the team makes the company. We are not able to exceed our clients’ expectations without a dedicated team that is driven to achieve their personal goals and in turn achieve the company’s goal. We want to create a winning environment at Highland Reserve and we know that starts with the people we work with. Ready to help create a dynamic and creative environment? Reach out to the HR team today!


Our company is interested in finding candidates that contribute to Highland Reserves’ growing culture. As a newer company, we need trail blazers.