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Helios HR

Private Employment - Recruiting - Staffing 6 Active Jobs

  • Preventing Homelessness
  • Mentoring and Job Readiness
  • Supporting Youth

Helios is particularly proud of its role as a catalyst in the community. We help educate and encourage our partners, clients and friends about how they can impact positive change where there is need in our community. Through the years our outreach efforts have touched hundreds of businesses and engaged thousands of individuals in support of local efforts. In addition to participating in company-sponsored events, Helios team members donate their own time and resources, as well as enlist the support of their families and friends through organized and team-based activities.

Career Opportunities

At Helios, we want our employees to show up to work every day as their whole selves and to provide an engaging, challenging and supportive environment that provides purpose to each individual contributor.  As HR and Recruiting experts, we are passionate about finding the right fit. We focus on finding high talented people who also share our corporate values. We believe in operating with intention, demonstrating caring, being engaged and making BIG things happen. We live our values every day and it shows in the work we do with our clients, our community and our team.


Helios’ mission is to work with enlightened leaders helping them to build a culture of intention that allows them to attract, grow and retain exceptional teams.