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HealthForce of Virginia, Inc.

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As part of the ever-changing Medical Staffing Industry, we are committed to finding the highest quality care-givers for our clients. We specialize in Long Term Care Facilities, Correctional Institutions, Hospitals, and other Medical Facilities. Our staffing coordinators will match clients to the workers that best suit their needs. Whether you are a facility that requires staffing assistance, or a medical professional looking for employment opportunities, we'd love to hear from you.

Career Opportunities

As a HealthForce employee you will be offered many varied, exciting and interesting assignments in Correctional Facilities, Hospitals, School Nursing, Long Term Care, and other facilities. You will be given many opportunities to utilize your skills and learn new ones throughout your assignments. We always try to give you your preference of assignments – shift differential, days evening and nights, full time, part time, or PRN. We are always getting new assignments that will challenge your skills and make you proud to be a HealthForce employee.

Once you have completed the interview/orientation process and received your first assignment you will be required to keep in touch with us by phone to receive assignments. We like to keep our employee availability at least two weeks in advance; this allows us to offer you the maximum number of shifts with your shift preference. When assigning assignments we give priority to our employees that have proven to be reliable and keep us informed in advance of their availability. Consistent phone communication between our employees and HealthForce will open the door to increased job opportunities.

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HealthForce of Virginia, Inc.

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