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HealthCare Recruiters International (HCRI)

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Our mission is to improve healthcare by developing connections between specialty talent and top companies and organizations within the medical marketplace.

We are a high-touch recruiting firm specializing in finding talent solutions exclusively for the healthcare, digital health and medical marketplace.

When you engage with HealthCare Recruiters International for a job search, you gain access to our pool of healthcare job resources and client connections. Our agile, proven job search services help job seekers connect with some of the leading names in the healthcare industry. We’re always looking to work with top talent with the skills to influence and help organizations grow to achieve their visions.


Unlike some national recruiting agencies with an all-encompassing big-picture approach, our experienced healthcare recruiters are experts in their local markets and leverage their extensive contact networks that have taken years to build. Not only do our recruiters have the local knowledge and expertise necessary to find the best candidates, they’ve also formed valuable relationships with local industry leadership. Combined, this allows us to deliver optimal candidates to top organizations in a timely manner.

HCRI is dedicated to both the healthcare and medical manufacturing recruitment field working with major medical facilities and institutions, as well as pharmaceutical and medical product manufacturers. We focus in the areas of middle, upper and executive management, operations, IT, clinical & technical education, sales support and sales, marketing, R&D, etc. Recruiting for healthcare institutions and medical corporations is our primary business and we have been doing it since 1984.

Career Opportunities

We want to assist you in your healthcare job search by providing you with up-to-date job market intelligence so you’re as informed as possible. We will leverage our knowledge and experience and learn about your goals and aspirations before advising you about whether or not we can be helpful in your healthcare job search. We are actively involved throughout the process, which helps us ensure long-term, mutually beneficial relationships between the talent we place and our client partners.

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Healthcare Recruiters Int’l

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