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Extra effort is our standard procedure.

HCFS, Inc. started out as a third party eligibility company in 1986. Our primary business was to assist our medical provider clients by attempting to qualify low income and uninsured patients (also known as self pay patients), for third party payor programs such as commercial insurance, or federal, state, and county entitlement providers.

From the beginning, HCFS’ main focus was to become a partner and create value-added services to medical providers.

In keeping with the same tradition of offering value-added services to our clients, the number of services we offer has grown. Although third party eligibility is still HCFS’ primary business, we offer a wide range of services that are designed to improve your organization’s financial position.

Inc. Magazine has repeatedly recognized HCFS as one of America's fastest-growing privately held firms. Working in all 50 states, HCFS has handled more than a million patient files and more than $2 billion in discharge balances. And all the while, HCFS has tailored its revolutionary approaches to the specific needs of each and every client. We invite you to explore our web site, as well as the services we provide, in greater detail.


HCFS, Inc. exists to improve the medical provider’s financial condition . In addition, we don’t charge for most of our services rendered until our client sees results to their bottom line. Click on any of our services for more details.


Nobody turns self-pay into recovered cash like we do.The comprehensive HCFS recovery system encompasses the greatest number of state and federal programs as well as those offered by commercial carriers. Being experienced with all of them, we don't skip revenue sources for lack of internal procedures, and never overlook a new source for lack of an existing plan. Even when your patient is Medicaid-covered, HCFS often finds additional non-Medicaid dollars.

Because HCFS is nationwide and not a government entity, no eligible entitlement program is beyond our power to pursue. We do all the reimbursement eligibility legwork, from assistance with the admission forms, to the identification of appropriate programs, the applications process, and expedited approval.


Third-party denials are a growing problem for many healthcare facilities. HCFS has a distinct advantage over our competition by reversing that trend, and diligently following through on overturning improper denials.

HCFS personnel overcome the barriers and complexities that are commonly associated with the Follow Up process by diligently pursuing improper denials that would ultimately be paid by the third-party payor.