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HBC International

Private Sales - Marketing Headquartered in Houston, TX

Another reason our clients have raved about our accomplishments for them is that we do everything face to face.  This means we will never use telemarketing, direct mail or any other form of impersonal marketing techniques in order to represent them. This gives their customers personal and customizable experiences, where we can really focus on the message our clients want us to deliver.

Since opening our doors in 2010 we have opened 3 additional locations throughout the United States.  Each of these locations is not dedicated to represent one or two Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 Clients in that city.  Our objective is to personalize our representation so each of our clients gets the results they are looking for.  Our goal is to have 4 locations throughout the country by the end of 2013 and expand internationally by 2014.

Our Mission

Our mission is to have 200 offices and be globally recognized as one of the top marketing firms that represents clients with integrity and professionalism.  Additionally we want to give individuals interested in marketing a chance to be a part of a marketing legacy.

Contact Us

HBC International, Inc.
2401 Fountain View Drive, Ste 901
Houston, TX 77057