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Haynes International

Public Manufacturing

Haynes International is one of the world’s largest developer, manufacturers, and distributors of high‐performance nickel‐ and cobalt‐based alloys for use in high‐ temperature and corrosion applications. Our standard product forms include sheet and plate, bar and billet, seamless and welded pipe and tubing, wire and welding consumables, fittings and flanges.

Haynes International has manufacturing facilities in Kokomo, Indiana; Arcadia, Louisiana; and Mountain Home, North Carolina. The Kokomo facility specializes in flat products, the Arcadia facility specializes in tubular products and the Mountain Home facility specializes in high‐performance wire products. Worldwide sales offices and service centers stock all product forms and offer processing capabilities including many types of specialized cutting. All of these centers are company‐operated

Our Heritage

Our history spans more than a century of products, processes, and most of all, people. Also captured is the introduction of many well-known nickel- and cobalt-base alloys that have been used worldwide in the most demanding environments and in critical applications for aerospace, power generation, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and other areas.

In 1894, when Elwood Haynes drove his “Pioneer” automobile down Pumpkinvine Pike here in Kokomo, Indiana, he set in motion an inventive spirit. He was a tireless inventor who developed the unique metal alloys that led to the foundation of Haynes International, instilled our commitment to alloy excellence, and inspired our Tradition of Innovation.