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Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company, Inc.

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Founded in 1902 by Walter F. Dillingham, Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company, Inc. is the oldest and largest full-service general contractor in the State of Hawaii. Some of Hawaiian Dredging’s early projects included dredging the entrance to Pearl Harbor, constructing the Ala Wai Canal and the development of much of Honolulu’s waterfront—over 5,000 acres—from Honolulu Harbor to Waikiki.

In addition to its dredging and waterfront activities Hawaiian Dredging constructed some landmark projects that include Honolulu’s King Kalakaua Building (Main Post Office) and the Honolulu Museum of Art (fka Honolulu Academy of Arts) both of which are included in the National Registry of Historic Places.


We’re into building dreams. What about you?

Our five building divisions offer an unparalleled opportunity to find your place in Hawaii’s exciting construction industry… to grow your own expertise as part of a single, dedicated team.

Becoming a part of the Hawaiian Dredging team comes with planned career paths structured to allow you every possible opportunity to succeed.


You’ll go through our own three to four-year Construction Engineering Program preparing you for roles with us such as Cost Engineering, Project Engineering, Estimating, Scheduling & Building Information Modeling, and Quality Control Engineering.

Whether an apprentice or journeyman, you’re afforded the opportunity to develop specialized expertise in your trade due to Hawaiian Dredging’s five distinct building divisions and professional development opportunities through the company and your respective trade union.

Whichever career path reflects your skills and interests, you’ll be amazed at all the dreams Hawaiian Dredging has fulfilled over the years. But, on the other hand, maybe not as amazed as by what your future could be… here with us!

Perhaps it’s time we made some dreams come true, together.

Our Values

As a company, our values set our priorities and the very way we go about doing what we do.

We value…


There is nothing more important than protecting the health and lives of our workers and those with whom we come into contact in the course of our work.


Like our island home, we are made strong by the diversity of our workforce and the extent to which our partners can overcome barriers to their businesses.


Our community is only as good as the people that comprise it. We find happiness and pride in the efforts we put forth to better our island community.


We are stewards of our natural resources. Through sustainability we can assure that the land, the sea, and the sky can be enjoyed by each generation to come.