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Greenbox Capital makes a difference for small to medium sized businesses, their owners, and the communities they serve.  We are a leading alternative financing provider that quickly and seamlessly provides working capital through merchant cash advances and business loans.  We are adding forward-thinking professionals to our dynamic team as we continue to expand the company with integrity, communication, teamwork, service, and commitment. Our technology and cost-efficient strategies set us apart from the competition and have allowed us to provide more than 100 million dollars in financing to all types of businesses nationwide.

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Our Goals

GOAL: to transform the smaller local economies throughout the USA to be stronger and more innovative like big business is.

One of the main reasons small businesses fail is that they do not have the working capital they need to properly run their business through the ups & downs or expansions. It is our goal to continue to touch as many local business as possible. At GreenBox, you can get the capital you need to run your business without jumping through hurdles or putting up any collateral like traditional lending institutions require.

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Allahia McAdams
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111 Miami Gardens Dr. Suite 316
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