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Go! Retail Group

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Go! Retail Group is a unique and entrepreneurial business — we are the largest operator of pop-up stores in the world, with operations in six countries! Our business started with calendars and has since grown up to include games, toys, t-shirts and books. Additionally, Go! Retail Group owns and operates Fuego and Attic Salt, our new hipster brands that give nod to our hometown and headquarters, one of the coolest cities in the US: Austin, Texas.

Through our network of independent operators and world-class distribution system, we open nearly 1,000 kiosk and inline stores each year in the US alone, totaling over 1,600 internationally with stores in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. We’ve opened so many locations over the past 20 years there’s no way you haven’t seen us in your local mall at one point or another. Our team has the unique ability to transform virtually any space quickly and efficiently. By creating different mixes of concepts and assortments, we can occupy spaces that span in size from 200 to over 10,000 square feet, no magic wand required!

Go! operates in malls, outlet centers, select street side locations, lifestyle centers, and is coming soon to airports. Wherever you shop, we are there and have the products customers want!


Feeling happy, challenged and fulfilled at work the essence of well-being. We believe that feeling comfortable in the workplace and enjoying what you do is important. We provide our employees with benefits well beyond a paycheck and focus on a few basic needs help make life and work meaningful. Eligible employees will have access to benefit offerings.

Career Opportunities

At Go! We believe our ability to retain our top talent is largely due to our long-term success in combining our culture, company values and work/life balance. We are proud to have the opportunity to foster careers of so many people. Many of our employees accept a job with us and then stay to build a meaningful career. We are fortunate to have employees who have been with us for over 20 years, and currently over 30% of our employees in Austin have over 10 years of service. This expertise and experience is valuable to us. At the same time we recruit hundreds of new employees every year to support our busy season. Fresh ideas and different points of views are very important.