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GK Global Inc.

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GK Global Inc. plans of incorporation began in March 2014 during the ending months our founders studies and athletic career at Bloomsburg University. In April 2015, experienced marketing and business advisors from markets such as: New York City, Boston, Houston, Canada, England, Spain, and Portugal helped build the foundation that makes GK Global Inc. on opening day in August 17, 2017 as one of the world’s most experienced face-to-face events and promotional marketing companies in North America. For the next ten decades, our mission is global domination of every market and fortune 50-500 clients that needs our Knight’s help.

Our Mission

Our goal is to tell your brand’s story to your buyers. We want people to put their electronic devices down and have genuine dialog and meet an authentic human. We want to create rapport and friendship. We want to introduce the two as one; business and comradeship.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create interpersonal experiences between a Worldwide trademark and a person, not a customer, but a person. An experience described as extraordinary and special!