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General Cable

Public Electronics 10,000 - 25,000 Employees

The Power of One. General Cable Corporation's signature line emphasized and reinforced the strength of its One Company approach to business. One Company — with all the power of its products, know-how, services, systems and people focused and ready to meet competitive challenges. One Source — providing customers all of the wire and cable products they need-seamlessly and efficiently. One Team — committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction, backed by leading-edge technology, manufacturing, distribution and customer service. Number One - the leader in wire and cable for wholesalers, retailers, telephone companies, OEMs, contractors and "do-it-yourselfers," with a rich, 150-year history.

From supplying the wire used by Samuel Morse for the historic communications link-up between Washington and Baltimore in 1844, to providing the power cable from the Hoover Dam to Los Angeles, to wiring the Statue of Liberty twice — first in 1886 and again for the centennial celebration in 1986, General Cable has had a hand in creating historical, technological moments for over a century.

General Cable Corporation has always been a front-runner in the development, design, manufacture, marketing, and distribution of copper, aluminum, and fiber optic wire and cable products for the communications, energy and electrical markets.


Customers - Our First Priority
We take pride in being able to anticipate and meet customer needs. We maintain strong relationships with our customers and focus our work on their total satisfaction.

Integrity - The Foundation of All Our Actions
We believe in ethical behavior in all transactions. We set high personal standards for ourselves and expect the people with whom we conduct business to do the same.

People - Our Most Important Resource
We communicate with our associates by providing feedback, reinforcement, motivation and recognition. We invest a great deal of time and energy in our employees and support performance-driven training and development.

Teamwork - The Path to Excellence
We promote trust and teamwork by initiating and supporting meaningful group projects, as well as by reinforcing and rewarding effective teamwork in action. At the same time, we encourage diverse input and contributions.

Speed - Our Competitive Advantage
We know our customers have urgent needs. To meet them, we have eliminated waste and unnecessary work, thereby reducing cycle time and excessive bureaucracy.

Innovation - The Way We Grow
We believe in continually improving ourselves by promoting creativity and daring to think beyond the ordinary. We strive to achieve a high degree of freshness in each of our businesses

Performance - The Way We Win
We are not afraid to set ambitious goals. We will continue to reinforce and recognize accomplishment and push ourselves even further to become the world’s premier wire and cable company.


General Cable, a Fortune 500 company with over $6 billion in annual revenue and 14,000 employees, is the third largest wire and cable manufacturer in the world.  The Company develops, designs, manufactures and distributes copper, aluminum and fiber optic wire and cable products for use in energy, industrial, construction, specialty and communication markets.  Headquartered in Highland Heights, KY (near Cincinnati, OH), General Cable operates 57 manufacturing facilities located in 26 countries and sells products into nearly every country around the world. 

General Cable’s Global Vision is to be the most highly regarded and successful wire and cable company in the world and to operate in every major geographic market.  The Company’s Operating Philosophy is to act with the speed and agility of a small company but with the strength and the power of a large company.

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