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Scott Butts is currently the franchise partner in the States of Kentucky, Kansas, Missouri, Southern Ohio and Arizona. He brings 17 years of restaurant experience to his role as a hospitality recruiter. Scott began his career at sixteen years old as an employee with Chick-fil-A. Scott was with Lone Star Steakhouse for eleven years where he quickly moved through the ranks where he became a District Manager overseeing nine stores. Scott began recruiting in 2005 fulfilling his lifelong dream of owning his own business. His Industry success has been a natural backdrop for his current success.

Scott has spent a career developing strong working relationships based on performance and trust. He has developed many strong relationships in the Industry which has lead him to become one of the top recruiters in the business. “It is a competitive environment out there." Scott believes it is his job to link the candidate with the client. He will begin the connection for future growth and great teams. Scott enjoys seeing someone further their career while helping companies find their future team members on their journey to success. Scott lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife Karen and two Daughters Kaitlyn and Ashley. Scott loves playing, watching sports, and an occasional game of Poker.

Scott is a season ticket holder for The Cincinnati Bengal's and bleeds Blue as he attended the University of Kentucky where he is a diehard Wildcat fan. Scott is a Coach for Cincinnati United Girls Soccer League and Lakota Sports Organization. When not at work or Coaching Community Sports, you will find him spending time with his Family or being the "Grill Master" for his Neighbourhood Barbeques.

About Gecko Hospitality

Since 2000, Gecko Hospitality and its dedicated Franchise Partners and Recruiters throughout the United States have been pioneers in the hospitality recruiting industry. The value that Gecko Hospitality provides to its Clientele is evident in the advanced networking and technology skills our professional recruiters possess in identifying qualified restaurant professionals.

Our national network consists of 37 regional offices that are driven to meet the needs of the hospitality industry. In addition, Gecko Hospitality offers the largest selection of hospitality jobs, restaurant jobs, hotel jobs, resort jobs and club management jobs online. Our specialized, hospitality-focused team covers all 50 states and Canada with over 80 Franchise Partners and recruiters. Gecko Hospitality was founded on providing the finest restaurant jobs nationwide to the highest performing candidates. More importantly, our Franchise Partners and recruiters began their careers in hospitality and there is no finer training ground for recruiting than real life experience.

At Gecko Hospitality, we are passionate about making sure that every member of our recruiting team is familiar with our philosophies. In the same way that we learn about people when developing relationships and friendships, we want our people to have a sense of Gecko Hospitality's values and insight into our company's "personality." With this insight comes a greater understanding of how values "fit" with Gecko Hospitality's values, why we do things the way we do as well as providing a basis for making decisions that are appropriate to those values. We all play a part in keeping these traditions and philosophies alive.

We want every member of our recruiting team to understand that we are only as good as how well we follow these philosophies on an everyday basis. Gecko Hospitality is all about achieving results by being motivated. This motivation to achieve results comes from within. No one can motivate us, nor can we motivate anyone else. As leaders, all that we can do is provide an environment where people motivate themselves to achieve mutually beneficial goals. Along with this philosophy, each team member possesses the following traits for which we are proud: honesty, integrity, desire, determination, listening skills, rapid learning, responding in a timely manner, effective communication skills, thoroughness, empathy, compassion, and most of all we want every team member to have a strong work ethic that motivates them to produce superior results both for our candidates and for our Clients.

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Scott Butts, CPC

Arizona, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio (Central), Ohio (Southern)
Tel: 513-860-0600