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Gary D. Nelson Associates, Inc.

Private Employment - Recruiting - Staffing

Nelson is an independently-owned group of companies that provide a wide variety of full-time and contract staffing services as well as software and services designed to manage the workforce management process.

Our expertise in staffing, recruiting, executive search, and workforce management enables us to deliver strategic value to our clients.

Our services include traditional staffing and recruiting products through to innovative software solutions and managed services that allow larger companies to control complex workforce management processes.

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Career Opportunities

If you’re looking for a job or preparing to take the all-important next step in your career, Nelson can help you locate the perfect opportunity to suit your individual needs. From a direct-hire position to a part-time one that supports your personal schedule, Nelson is here to help you.

Whether you represent a company that needs a temporary receptionist for just a few hours or one that requires a full-time seasoned vice president, our staffing and human resources experts find the right candidate for you. Our experienced professional staff provides tailored, flexible approaches resulting in strong staffing and human resource solutions.


The Nelson Family of Companies
19080 Lomita Avenue
P.O. Box 1546
Sonoma, CA 95476