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Frontier Logistics, LP

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Frontier Logistics, LP, provides diverse and complete supply chain management services and solutions. Frontier currently provides a variety of services to the plastics industry, including packaging and warehousing services, U.S. interstate bulk trucking transportation, intra-state Texas truckload transportation, logistics consultation, and border crossing services. Through its Mexican affiliate trucking partner, Global Transportationes, Frontier provides bulk trucking service to all points intra-Mexico.

Although Frontier is a relatively new entrant into the plastics packaging and warehousing arena, we have become a top-tier domestic distribution services supplier for the plastics industry. Most of this business impetus has been a direct result of our high levels of customer commitment and our strong managerial and leadership talents. Frontier has been under the primary direction of its president, Glenn Wiseman, and its CFO, George Cook, either directly or indirectly since inception.


Frontier Logistics strives to be a complete logistics solution offering a full list of services including packaging, warehousing, trucking, and container and railcar management at all of its locations.

All Frontier Logistics packaging systems are set up to have unlimited flexibility going from one mode to another.

Your warehouse or ours.

Major source of growth to provide point to point logistics services.