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Franklin Endeavors

Private Sales - Marketing Consulting Telecommunications < 100 Employees Headquartered in Austin, TX 6 Active Jobs

Headquartered in Austin, TX, Franklin Endeavors is an exclusive consulting firm with a specialty in personalized, face-to-face customer acquisition. With big-name clientele in the telecommunications industry, our services are respected and preferred. Paired with happy clients and increasing results, our clients can expect name brand recognition, customer acquisition, and customer retention, all with a friendly smile of our diverse team. Our team is reaching for excellence, and you should too! If you are in need of a firm with pride in their work, continuously increasing results, and a positive attitude to match, we're the group for you! 

Our firm is based on essential values of integrity, work ethic, team unity, and ongoing leadership development in order to achieve excellence. At Franklin Endeavors
, our main focus, alongside representing our esteemed clientele, is our commitment to our incredible team. Part of the success of our dedidated team members comes from our renowned career advancement structure, designed to have any individual ready to thrive!

Our career opportunities allow entry-level candidates to be trained in the customer service and sales field with a focus on leadership development and team collaboration In only 12-18 months, candidates with exceptional drive and perseverance are selected to oversee and manage a private business of their own. Our team and the opportunities we provide here are meant for the hardworking, ambitious individuals!

Bulletin Board

Have you met our Senior Account Manager, Brian? In our newest blog post, we are sharing some knowledge about our newest superstar! Take a look now because it won't be long before his next promotion.

The Franklin Endeavors team had the amazing opportunity to travel to Orlando, FL to participate in our client's first conference of 2019! Take a look at a few of our top Floridian highlights in our latest YouTube video.

We choose accountability over excuses! We refuse to allow excuses to diminish our productivity and responsibility. Here at Franklin Endeavors, we believe in accountability. Learn more about our values through our Facebook!

With a passion for fashion, our HR Manager, Nadia, has plenty of big goals set out for herself. She has enjoyed her growth here at Franklin Endeavors and has loved sharing our unique opportunity to Austin's finest business professionals. Learn more about Nadia as she's featured in our newest video!

There's more to our team here at Franklin Endeavors than just their performance. We value then as the inspirational leaders they are and have worked hard to become. Get to know more about our talented team every month on our blog. This month, we're featuring our exceptional and ambitious Account Manager - Kyjah! Read more about her and her career with us on our blog!

You did it! You scored an interview! In just a few days, you will head to that interview and impress your potential employer. But before you do, there is one step you have to do first - research. To make the most of your search, the Franklin Endeavors team came up with a few tips to better prepare you for your interview. Read about it on our blog!

The key to a successful business professional? Time management! Apply these ten productivity tips to get more work done effectively. Do not waste any more time scrambling to finish your to-do list, instead read Franklin Endeavors' new blog on how to be more productive!

In exactly one month, the Franklin Endeavors team will be heading to our National Sales Conference! We are excited to network, learn, and grow from our industry's top executives. We are happy to officially announce our conference countdown! Take a look to see where this year's conference will be held by watching our newest YouTube video.


Our Culture

Characteristics of our culture at Franklin Endeavors:

✔️Team Collaboration - We are honored to have such incredible individuals with a variety of skills and backgrounds be a part of our team. With such an ideal mix of personalities and strengths, our firm is committed to both their individual and team success; we're practically a family! 

✔️Excellence - Our team is competitive and ambitious - we just can't get enough! Our team members have a personal drive to succeed and nothing is going to get in their way. We create our goals and demolish them over and over again. We admire their mission to excellence and we're happy to lead them there one step at a time!

✔️Positive Mindset - When you love what you do, not only do the results prove it, but your attitude shines through! For this reason, we have aimed to build a corporate culture where our team can succeed and overall, be happy! 

✔️Leadership - Franklin Endeavors was established by entrepreneurial-minded individuals that believed in themselves and their mentors that helped them get here. For this reason, we inspire all our team members to unleash their inner entrepreneurial dreams and thrive with a supportive team right behind them!

✔️Work/Play Perfection - All work and no time to play or relax is no fun and talk about unproductive! Our firm has discovered the ideal blend of work and fun with team nights and monthly in-office competitions to loosen up the mind. We have turned a normal 9am-5pm work environment to the next level, and we wouldn't change a thing!

Our Careers

Start "Your Greatest Endeavor" with Franklin Endeavors.

Become an extraordinary and exclusive member of Austin's leading marketing and sales firm! Franklin Endeavors has created a work environment where team members are built for excellence with our incredible growth opportunities solely for diligent team players. With our renowned and proven career opportunities, entry-level candidates are prepped for success in all areas of business, customer service, sales, and team building. On an average time of 12-18 months, candidates with self-motivation and spectacular work ethic have the opportunity to manage an office outside of Austin and oversee a team of 20+ individuals of their own!

Career Opportunites Available:

📌 Account Executive 
📌 Manager-in-Training
📌 Human Resources Manager 
📌 Marketing/Sales 
📌 Entry Level Recruiter

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