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Franchise Innovations


Franchise Innovations For You, LLC
was formed in response to an underserved market in the industry for high-level, advanced education and training on purchasing a franchise. This service is absolutely free to you, the Franchise Purchaser. The world of franchising has become so complex and intricate that many potential buyers of franchises do not know how to decipher the vast information they received about each franchise. 

The options for purchasing a franchise are increasing exponentially, coupled with the amount of information available on each concept, there’s a great deal of data for franchise buyers to sift through. Franchise Innovations recognized that there was a real need to assist the franchise buyers, therefore, we provide advanced research tools, consultative services and due diligence assistance, but also help prospective franchisees qualify for the franchises they desired to invest in.

We have partnered with experts in the industry and created a company that is built on helping you achieve your dreams of business ownership. We make this process easy for you throughout the research and award process, but also know it is important to have ongoing training and continued education after the franchise has been awarded. Because of our relationships, we are able to provide you with a full package of consulting services and ongoing support and training.

Menu of Services

As your consultant, we will provide you with a number of additional services. Some are complimentary; others are deeply discounted because of our strategic affiliations. We can also recommend useful resources that you can use to develop and grow your business.
Research Assistance with the Franchisor

Your strongest asset is performing your due diligence when researching potential franchises to invest in. The amount of information can be overwhelming and the task can be daunting, we’re here to assist you and help you make sense of the research.

Research Assistance with the Franchisee

Contacting and interviewing franchisees is another part of your due diligence. This is yet another aspect of your research process that we can assist you with.
We provide you with general education on franchising so that you can make an intelligent and informed purchase. We will make sure that you understand the Franchising process and how it applies to your economic goals. Funding Assistance and Analysis We can put you in touch with several funding sources and provide you with options to help make your dream of business ownership a reality. We will help you evaluate the options and choose the best one for you, your sources of funds and income goals.

Business Plan Outlines 

Though we are unable to draw up a business plan for you, we can point you in the direction of helpful tools and resources to outline and produce a proper business plan.

Preparation Help for Discovery Day and Meeting the Franchisor 

Discovery Day is a big step in the process of purchasing a franchise. By this point, we will have discussed your options and you will meet with the franchise representatives and make your final decision. We will get you prepared for this step with everything you need to know. It’s good to know you won’t be alone in this important step!

Managing Expectations

Before you get started on your search for a franchise, it is important to examine your knowledge of franchising and what is most important to you when investing in a franchise. Have you thought about what it takes to go into business for yourself? Many people think that they can just buy a franchise and let someone else run it, although this can happen, more often than not passive ownership is not an immediate option.Franchising is much easier than starting something from scratch, but there is a learning curve. Running a business is a serious commitment; it takes determination, discipline and emotional strength. It takes patience and realistic expectations. 

Franchising is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a get rich faster, with a lot less risk, long-term plan. What are you buying with a franchise? Most people think they are buying a brand name. Of course, that is part of the package, but it is NOT the primary reason for purchasing a franchise. You are buying a system. You are buying someone else’s experience.

In your “perfect business”:
Ø  What kind of business would you run?
Ø  What kind of hours would you work?
Ø  How much money do you want to make?
Ø  What type of clientele would you have?
Ø  How many employees do you want?
Ø  What could you do that would make you feel amazing at the end of the day?

A good tip is to think about what you enjoy with your current company and also what you dislike. These are things that you’ll want to address, include or exclude from your business.
The award process can be quite stringent, but don’t worry, we have been through this process many times and know exactly how to help you every step of the way. Our goal is to make everyone that reaches us better off after they’ve had contact with us. It’s all about helping people succeed. That is the point of what we do.
Accountability Statement & Program

Changed results will only happen through changed activities!
1) I will deliver four currencies of value to you through our process of Franchise System
    Evaluation, including:
            a. Money – Help avoid wasting your resources pursuing less than optimal matches for you.
            b. Time – Spend my time helping you sort through thousands of franchise concepts and understanding your options.
            c. Security in decision making – Help you eliminate systems that are not an         appropriate fit for you and your goals.
            d. Knowledge – Apply my specialized franchise knowledge and experience for your benefit. 
2) I will provide education materials to you about franchising and the various options    
    available. (See List of Topics Below)
3) I will help you find the ideal franchise system that will best match your goals and
4) I will act as a buffer for you as you gather and evaluate information from Franchisors
    and Franchisees.
5) I will help you to determine which systems you will qualify for and also help you pre-
    qualify the system itself.
6) I will help you clearly identify which reasons are most important to you for wanting to
    own your own business, and determine which business will best fit your priorities:
            a. Control your own financial freedom
            b. Build an asset for future sale
            c. Create more control and freedom of your time
            d. Fair reward - make money for yourself instead of the company
            e. Emotional fulfillment of building a successful venture
            f. Satisfaction and happiness in day-to-day operations
            g. Build an asset to pass on
            h. Create an opportunity to work with family
            i. Remove threat of job loss
            j. Replace lost income strea