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Flint Group

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Flint Group has long been dedicated to serving the global printing, converting and colourant industries. Our continuing commitment to improve our products and services ensures that…

You can rely on us for nearly all your printing needs. An unrivalled and unique product portfolio enables us to meet almost every requirement. Around the world, our sales and technical experts deliver powerful solutions to help customers achieve their goals.

You can rely on us for the same level of exceptional value, consistent quality and continuous innovation you deserve… and have been getting from Flint Group throughout our history. Customers, from packaging converters to commercial printers to publishers and beyond, look to Flint Group for high-quality, high-impact products and solutions that will distinguish their businesses from the competition.

You can rely on us to respect the environment. Flint Group is committed to formulating innovative, environmentally friendly products. We aim to deliver maximum performance and quality while minimising potential negative impact to the environment. In addition, you can be assured that we are meeting or exceeding all regulatory, environmental and other standards set by organizations, governments, customers and the communities in which we operate.

You can rely on us. In fact, chances are you already have. Around the world, Flint Group products bring to life the printed pieces we hold and use each day...

Rely on us.

With our strong customer focus, unrivalled product portfolio and expert service, Flint Group provides you with more than ever before. Please select your area of interest below to learn more about how we can help you improve your competitive edge, overcome challenges, increase growth, streamline processes and deliver superior products to market.

Career Opportunities

Flint Group provides engaging challenges and opportunities across the world; we’re committed to investing in you. Our ever-changing industry provides us with an innovative business culture, and we’re always looking to welcome new talent to help us take our business to the next level.


The passion and commitment of our people remain a key driving force to our success. The printing and packaging industries are dynamic, challenging and exciting. Flint Group is a dynamic organization continually adapting to ensure we meet our challenges in the most effective manner. We expect nothing less of ourselves than to remain at the forefront, continually improving on our competitive advantage.