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FIRE, Inc. Atlanta

Private Sales - Marketing


Fire, Inc. Atlanta is a marketing firm based out of Atlanta, GA.  We specialize in outsourced sales and client acquisition and work primarily with service-based Fortune 500 companies.

Increasingly a gap has grown between product and consumer in our digital age.  Fire, Inc Atlanta’s sales force bridges this gap with actual in-person contact with potential customers.  Our in-person sales separate us from the rest of our competition and our unique sales approach enhances brand loyalty.

Fire, Inc. is one of the fastest growing companies in Atlanta.  The people at Fire, Inc. are highly trained, self-motivated, and outgoing.  We provide plenty of training, and teach skills that are essential in any business including strengthened communications, a strong work ethic, how to interface with customers, public speaking, and overcoming objections.


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As other indirect channels of marketing have evolved, an increasing gap between product and consumer has emerged.  Fire, Inc. Atlanta’s sales force bridges this detrimental gap through actual in-person contact with your potential customers.

When compare to other marketing channels, the benefits of our service to our clients is invaluable.  Face-to-face contact with prospective customers enable Fire, Inc.’s sales representatives to cultivate a rapport with the customer.  Through, courteous, professional, and product-specific presentations by our sales representatives create a positive and lasting impression.

Fire, Inc. Atlanta’s unique sales approach enhances brand loyalty, which translates into an increase in revenues and long-term success.

 Fire Inc.  Atlanta 


Fire, Inc. is a different company than most.  Unlike other companies which hire management from outside when they need to fill leadership positions, Fire, Inc. only promotes from within.  That means that every one of our managers and owners was once an entry-level sales representative with the company.  We feel, it is more effective to lead and operate a profitable company when you understand what your team is working for.  It gives our managers more creditability when they’ve proven to be successful working from the ground up.

There is no glass ceiling at Fire, Inc. and everyone who works with us is given the tools and training they need to potentially run and manage their own office. We provide a comprehensive training program to help develop our employees as leaders who can manage a team, run a business, manage the sales process and, most importantly, produce results.

This program can take anywhere from 2 years to 6 months depending on the individual, their work ethic and learning curve.

 Fire Inc. Atlanta 

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Fire, Inc. Atlanta
2120 Powers Ferry Road, Suite 110
Atlanta, GA 30339

Phone: 678.443.9198
Fax: 678.443.9219

 Fire Inc. Atlanta 

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