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Fernbrook Family Center

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Once upon a time there was a social worker named Jon who worked providing mental health services to children and families at an agency called Cedar House.  Although he did amazing work, one day the agency leadership decided to cut children’s programming.  Because Jon had a golden touch, the agency offered to keep him on staff working with adults.  After consideration, Jon decided that he need to follow his passion for working with children and families.  To make this happen, Jon needed options.  After talking it over, Jon and his wife, Mandy, made the decision to start a new agency focused on serving children and families.  The timing was perfect.  Jon and Mandy lived in a Minneapolis suburb and Mandy was pregnant with their first child…it was natural for them to pull up stakes, move, and take a huge personal financial risk.  Jon talked with the leadership team at Cedar House and got approval to begin a new agency to continue providing services to children and families.  Jon was to be the clinical director, Mandy was to be the business manager, they had relationships with other professionals in the service delivery area, and they had permission from Cedar House to take a full caseload along.  It was the perfect start to a family business.

This new business needed a name.  But what to call it?  Jon and Mandy wanted a name that had an “air of confidentiality” about it- something gentle and nondescript so that when it was discussed in grocery store lines the privacy of clients would still be protected.  One day Jon and Mandy were visiting Jon’s parents’ cabin in Wisconsin and went for a hike.  Mandy saw a fern and thought that fern-something might be a good name for their new venture.  So Jon and Mandy started randomly naming objects until Mandy came up with brook…and so Fernbrook Family Center was named

Career Opportunities

We invite you to explore the career options at Fernbrook. In addition to the current position openings appearing below, we offer clinical experiences for students interested in the mental health field. We work with many schools to meet internship or practicum requirements.


Our culture makes us different: we are competitive, creative, collaborative and committed.