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Founded over 45 years ago by volunteer Missouri Statesman Mel Hancock, Federal Protection has secured a legacy of strength and dedication that reflects our core values. Our President & CEO, Kim Hancock, has led the growth from three employees when he took the reigns some 30-plus years ago to the 200+ security professionals who currently carry out our mission statement each and every day: “Under Promise & Over Perform."

Today, more than four decades after opening our doors, TeamFederal can take pride in a strong record of protecting financial institutions, commercial businesses, and families around the country. Our commitment to excellent service and performance has led to a 98% contract renewal rate, and commitment to community involvement has led to a positive impact in every city with a Federal Protection presence.

Values & Mission

Federal Protection has secured a reputation for dependability and strength during our 45 years of security service. Our reputation is due in large part to a history of hiring security specialists who, by their own convictions, share our company values. Federal Protection's core values include unwavering integrity, accountability, use of evolving security technologies, and community involvement.

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2500 North Airport Commerce,
Springfield, MO 65803