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FDM Group Inc.

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FDM is a dynamic IT services provider with a powerful business model. We select and employ high-caliber candidates who have the potential to become major players in the world of IT as FDM Consultants. After the initial training, our trainees progress to become professional FDM Consultants, representing the company on one or more client assignments for a minimum of two years.

Our employees are enthusiastic and talented with a drive to succeed. FDM Consultants thrive in challenging roles and are trained to make a difference on client sites from day one. Our prestigious clients are at the forefront of their industries and highly value the professionalism and dedication that FDM Consultants bring to the workplace.

Career Opportunities

FDM is a fast growing IT services company and we are always on the look out for talented people, with great potential, to join our dynamic team. FDM employees are hardworking and motivated individuals who also enjoy socializing together, which creates a dynamic team environment. We believe rewarding our staff is important which is why we host a variety of corporate events and networking opportunities and have regular achievement awards for exemplary work. The FDM staff are always prepared to go the extra mile and take pride in contributing towards the company’s success.

As an innovative IT services company that strives for technical excellence, we understand that candidates begin their careers in IT with limited practical experience. The FDM Academy Program provides high-quality training with two years of relevant commercial IT experience. For the FDM Academy Program we employ people with a passion for IT and lots of potential to provide an excellent service to our clients, as well as a winning attitude.

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