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Faneuil provides a broad array of business process outsourcing solutions, from customer care to technical support, and currently employs more than 3500 professionals nationwide. Count on Faneuil to represent you in the very best light, exactly as it should be. The employees we deploy across all channels are rigorously trained to not only deliver the right answer, but to be fierce guardians of your brand. We take pride in our ability to rapidly scale to meet your program’s requirements—geography and existing space have not been impediments to Faneuil’s ability to bring fully operational spaces online within days of contract award.

Our name: its pronunciation and history

We were named long ago, when based in the Northeast, for Boston’s Faneuil Hall. It’s not an easy word to pronounce (FAN-yuhl) if you don’t already know it. However, people who know us, like us—more than 80% of our customers do business with us beyond our initial engagement. And Faneuil is a familiar name to more than 3,500 current employees.

So when asked why our name is Faneuil, we simply refer to the building: a place where historic announcements were made, and which today is a marketplace. Or, in other words, the intersection of new ideas and commerce. An apt description, we think, of our firm.

We employ more than 3,500 people nationwide

From coast to coast, we recruit, train and manage skilled professionals in both customer facilities and in locations we identify, secure and properly outfit at contract start.


The health and well-being of our employees and their loved ones are very important to us. Faneuil prides itself on offering a competitive benefits program to help maintain a healthy work/life balance.

We offer a range of valuable benefits which include*:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life
  • Disability
  • 401K Plan
  • Telemedicine
  • EAP Program
  • Wellness
  • Paid Time Off
  • Holidays

Our People & Culture

At Faneuil, clients come first. That dedication binds us together at every level, every location, and is reflected in the performance of every person who represents both Faneuil and our clients. You make our clients shine. In everything from customer satisfaction levels to on-time deployments, the quality of our people clearly sets our programs apart.

To help you put clients first, we strive to ensure an environment that reflects both the professionalism you bring to the job and the family feeling we value across the company. In the spaces we design and outfit from day one, as well as in the existing offices we’re asked to join, you’ll always find a friendly workplace atmosphere, excellent benefits and terrific opportunities for growth. Dedicated to helping each and every employee reach their full potential, our training goes beyond simply preparing you for a specific assignment, helping you develop skills you can use for a lifetime.

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2 Eaton Street, Suite 1002
Hampton, VA 23669