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Family Video

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Family Video is the nation’s largest video store chain. In a time when most other chains have lost their way, Family Video continues to thrive by giving millions of customers what they want in a fun and friendly store. Customer service that exceeds expectation is what we do every day in over 750 stores across the US and Canada.

We are in the entertainment business. We carry the largest selection of movies, games, and TV shows available anywhere. You’ll find the latest Hollywood blockbusters the day they’re released on Blu-ray or DVD. You’ll find the hottest video games for all the latest consoles in our dedicated Game Rooms. And you’ll find all the smaller movies and shows that tell powerful stories and provide entertainment for every taste. Combined with really low prices, great specials, and a knowledgeable staff, you simply won’t find any other entertainment retailer even close.

We hire friendly, intelligent, positive people, and then give them the ability to think and solve problems. World-class customer service isn’t the exception, it’s the expectation. Working in our stores isn’t a typical retail job. We don’t wear name tags and we don’t wear uniforms. We never ask a manager for permission to solve a customer problem. We solve it. We “wow” them. We run our stores fun and friendly and we always have.

The world of entertainment is growing more and more complicated. Consumers have a lot of confusing choices and troublesome technology to overcome just to watch a movie. We see it very simply: rent a Blu-ray, purchase some popcorn, save some money, and enjoy your evening.

Career Opportunities

Highland Ventures, Ltd delivers on the promise of opportunity and advancement. We believe in empowerment, this is your opportunity to make decisions and run a business.

You have a great opportunity for career growth when you join our team. We are buying, building and opening new locations every month. We have over 750 Family Video locations, a plan for 250+ Marco’s Pizza locations, multiple Digital Doc Repair stores and Stay Fit 24 fitness centers as well as own and operate hundreds of retail centers with our Legacy Commercial Property division.

We hire energetic, fun people who share our dedication to customer service and are comfortable with a high level of responsibility.

Our Mission

At Highland Ventures Ltd., our mission is to make a positive impact on the communities we serve. To achieve this, we empower our employees to be the best they can be, enabling them to provide outstanding service to our customers and be engaged members in their community.

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