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Excelsior Insurance Brokerage, Inc

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Excelsior Insurance Brokerage, Inc. is a multi-line brokerage offering solutions for independent brokers in the group and senior markets. With company DNA going back 70 years, we possess a deep knowledge of how the market works and are able to provide modern solutions that can increase your income and client base.

Work with Excelsior and expand your portfolio through a robust line of products from top carriers in the industry. We also offer the tools you need to make quoting and presenting proposals a seamless process.

Excelsior believes technology and unmatched service go hand-in-hand. We deliver superior support to best leverage your time, grow your business, and enhance your local footprint in the community.

Career Opportunities

Excelsior is your carrier relations expert. You don’t have to contact carriers about your appointments, contracts, or anything carrier-related—unless you want to. Joining Excelsior allows you to leverage our carrier competencies that include:

Navigating Multiple Carriers
We know how each carrier process works—we know the right forms to use and who to contact for cases, contracts, and commissions.

Helping You Navigate Carrier Portals
We assess each carrier portal to let you know how to easily access the information, forms, and marketing materials you need.

Building Strong Ties with Carrier Networks
We know which hospital systems are in a particular network and can guide you on what networks are the best fit for your clients’ needs.

Helping You Submit Accurate Cases on Time
We understand how to submit cases for each carrier whether it’s through an online or paper process—we make sure your submissions go through smoothly.

Nurturing the Appointment Process
We know the specific appointment requirements for each carrier across different states and will guide you through the process.

Informing You on Carrier Programs and Trends
We provide the latest information on carrier incentive programs, product and quoting trends, competitive deductible rates, and general carrier announcements.