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Public Biotechnology

In 1961, Lancaster Laboratories was founded by Dr. Earl H. Hess to provide high quality analytical services with personal attention to area agribusinesses and industries. Nourished in a culture of quality, service and caring about all those associated with the business, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories has become an industry leader known for innovative business practices and people-friendly policies.

Career Opportunities

Our company believes that learning is a necessary and never-ending process—one that challenges employees' curiosities, interests and inclinations to acquire an ever-expanding knowledge base.

Training takes place both internally and through external venues, including tuition-paid degree courses at colleges and universities, non-traditional online classes and trade association meetings and specialized conferences, workshops and seminars. For new employees, our orientation program lasts throughout the first year of employment and aids in the transition process. This early training includes mandatory coursework in business ethics, laboratory safety and quality management.

Our career development and training program allows employees to expand their skills and abilities to keep up with changing technology. Outside the company, employees are encouraged to participate in broader training and attend trade-associated meetings at the company's expense. We also place a strong emphasis on the pursuit of bachelor-level and advanced degrees in areas associated with our business. Through our generous tuition-reimbursement program, approved coursework for these degrees is reimbursed upon course completion providing the student has earned a grade of C or better.

Mission & Values Statement

Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories is a team of people who work together to serve the health and environmental needs of society through science and technology.

At Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories, our mission is to provide independent laboratory services in the chemical and biological sciences with excellent quality and service. We fulfill our mission by incorporating our values into our work every day.