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Ethos Consulting Group

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We are a leading provider of outsourced, face-to-face marketing and direct sales teams serving a diverse clientéle base in a wide range of industries. By employing professional sales and marketing teams who work directly on our clients' behalf to institute immediate, widespread, and aggressive sales campaigns, Ethos Consulting Group produces tangible results and benefits for our clients.


As our client list continually expands, so does the demand for our services and the need for great leaders within our business.  For this reason, we have created a leadership development program through which sharp and motivated people can quickly ascend the corporate ladder and build a rewarding career based on sound business principles honed through practice.  In addition to our accelerated leadership development program, all employees are provided with a dynamic education and specialized training in sales and marketing that facilitate professional, as well as personal, growth.

At Ethos Consulting Group, Inc., we depend on each of our people exceeding their career goals, both short and long term.  We do not expect anyone to have a refined set of management skills when brought on board but we do believe that some of the most necessary and useful skills can be learned through perseverance and a positive attitude.

Initially, we hire each new employee for their intrinsic talent and potential. After gaining a thorough understanding of our business, expectations build for both Ethos Consulting Group, Inc. and the new hire to ensure that the necessary skills and abilities are effectively learned to transform each individual into a successful, confident partner.  Each day, Ethos Consulting Group, Inc. will approach this challenge from several different angles and with varying methods to encourage the development of a diverse skill set that can be sharpened over time.


The Mission Statement of Ethos Consulting Group, Inc is to create lucrative, long-standing, and honest partnerships through a personal commitment to profitability and integrity in sales for our clients and our employees worldwide.  In addition, Ethos Consulting Group, Inc. is dedicated to the personal and professional growth of our sales professionals through the creation of successful business partners and life-long friends.

At Ethos Consulting Group, Inc., we want to stay true to our core values of character,  honesty, integrity, and generosity in all that we do within our day-to-day activities, as well as within our external efforts in the surrounding communities.  In this spirit, our promise is to make a continuous effort to positively impact our communities each year through active involvement in volunteer work and charitable giving.

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Ethos Consulting Group, Inc

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