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Ethan Allen Independent

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A strong American brand with global reach. A design authority with a modern attitude. A high-quality manufacturer. An innovative retailer. A destination for the one-stop shopper. A full-service Design Center staffed by design professionals who make house calls.

We are all of these things, but, most important, at Ethan Allen we are people who love our homes. And we believe passionately that everyone should love theirs. Homes are powerful. Home is the blueprint for your life. Our work is that simple. And that complex. The well-designed home never goes out of fashion, but its definition is always changing. Every day, we challenge ourselves to create exceptional, relevant, and stylish furniture and accessories. We customize. We travel the world for design inspiration. In my job I’m constantly on the road. I know just how hard it is to find time to create a home. That’s why I’m so proud of our complimentary professional design service. With all the demands of modern life, busy people really need the help of a trusted design pro in making a comfortable home.

I also insist that Ethan Allen provides value, not just with our unique service, but also with free local delivery (which is rarer than it should be in this world); creative financing; and a business structure that gives us remarkable control over costs. We do it all: design, manufacture, market, distribute, deliver, and install. We set the standard for the attainable and well-designed home. And that’s all we want. It’s that simple and that complex.

M. Farooq Kathwari Chairman, President and CEO


Ethan Allen offers a dynamic environment, where we regularly collaborate, share our diverse knowledge, and learn new skills from each other. We’re dedicated to helping our people reach their professional goals through internal promotion, transfers, job-related training, and internships.

Design Consultant Training
Start as a design consultant, and we immediately bring you into the fold and make you part of a Design Center team. Each team is a diverse group of talented people who enjoy working together to identify the perfect design solutions for their clients. We empower each member of the team to focus on what he or she does best, while learning new skills to increase opportunities for growth in our business. We foster your entrepreneurial spirit. Our training program consists of a sophisticated and layered approach to product, design, and communication skills; it combines what the design consultant brings to the team with proven strategies for building successful long-term client relationships. We’re very proud of our professional design consultants, and we do all that we can to support their many talents and their passion for creating comfortable and well-designed environments for our clients to enjoy.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and are committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all individuals regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, domestic partner status, gender identity, genetic characteristics, medical condition, or any other characteristic protected by law. This policy applies to all phases of the employment process such as recruitment, selection, advancement opportunities, training, layoffs, recalls, and terminations. Any Associate with questions or concerns about any type of discrimination in the workplace is encouraged to bring these issues to the attention of his or her immediate supervisor or the Human Resources department. Associates can raise concerns and make reports without fear of reprisal. Anyone found to be engaging in any type of unlawful discrimination will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Career Opportunities

We work with design and fashion schools to offer exciting internships in our Design Centers. Interns become an integral part of the team. Our local Design Center managers welcome hearing from talented design and fashion students who are interested in learning more.


Headquarters More than a world-class organization. We’re colleagues with a shared mission, a passion for excellence, a reverence for quality, an enterprising spirit, and an energetic drive toward the next big thing. Above all, we’re a strong group of people who respect each other and enjoy working together. We find it exciting to work at the hub of a company with a holistic approach to helping people create their homes. Ethan Allen is full-service. We conceptualize, design, source, manufacture, market, advertise, style, sell, distribute, and install. That means at headquarters our horizons are ever broadening. But our job is surprisingly straightforward: that is, to raise the bar — in all aspects of the company every day.

Manufacturing and Distribution Operations
Making sure the job gets done. With entrepreneurial spirit. Superior commitment. Creative thinking. Skillful networking. Scrupulous attention to detail. Exceptional quality. Ours is a fast-moving business with multiple channels and sources. We have to stay flexible, stay focused, and stay on top of it. We challenge ourselves every day because we know we’re expected to be the best.

Creating the most beautiful, functional, and well-designed interiors, home furnishings, and shopping destinations around. We envision, invent, style, communicate, and present. We push ourselves to achieve the extraordinary. Our talented in-house creative teams design just about everything: furniture, accessories, fabrics, spaces, and every material known to ad agency and public relations firm. Every day, we put on a fabulous show. We believe that design is important. Today, more than ever, people understand the significance of a well-designed home. It’s the blueprint for a well-designed life.

Our Benefits

We offer a comprehensive benefits package. It is an important part of your total compensation, and we know that it makes a major contribution to your financial and personal well-being. We are committed to offering a high-quality benefits program that allows choice and flexibility. Some benefits may extend to eligible dependents, including spouses, children, and same-sex domestic partners. We offer:

  • medical, dental, and vision plans
  • employee assistance program
  • 401(k) / profit sharing plan
  • flexible spending accounts
  • life, AD&D insurance, and disability plans
  • employee discounts
  • paid holidays and vacation
  • educational assistance
  • training and development


The best thing about working here is the pride we all take in our work. We attract that kind of person. Talented. Dedicated. Passionate. And we're proud of each other. We collaborate. We think fast. We think together. We are...

We treat clients like guests in our home. We’re always asking, how do they live? How do they want to live? How can we help? That’s the thinking behind our product development as well as our overall commitment to outstanding service. Staying focused on our clients’ needs keeps us focused on what’s important: inspiring people to live better and making it happen while saving them that elusive and precious commodity — time.

For us, design is more than just creating exceptional furniture and accessories – although we do that with pride. We create exceptional rooms. And exceptional style. We are an interior design business. Putting together the well-designed home is our job. We believe that style and design are profound; that beauty is queen and function is king; that well-designed spaces make life better; that providing comfort, order, and pleasure is a privilege.That’s why we created our seven Lifestyles. They’re the looks we love. Attainable. Smart. Functional.

We take full responsibility. We grow the business. We meet the challenges. We provide exceptional service. We do not pass the buck. We are forward-thinking. We make it work.

High Tech
We are committed to running a technology-forward business. We are a global business. A design authority with a modern attitude. A high-quality manufacturer. An innovative retailer. Today, technology is important. It’s relevant.

Change is natural and good. We always search for the best solutions. We stay flexible. We adapt. We move. We shake. It’s the secret of our brand’s stamina. Innovative thinking is key.

Quality is the cornerstone of our brand. We value and protect our reputation for quality by constantly seeking to improve and enhance everything we do.