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Estenson Logistics

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Estenson Logistics was founded in 1999 with the goal of making a premier dedicated logistics company. Tim Estenson and Paul Truman came up with the idea for Estenson Logistics while sitting in a coffee shop and drew out their business plan on a napkin. With Tim’s vision and Paul’s business sense, success should have come easy. However, turning that vision into a reality proved to be quite a challenge.

Tim was determined to make his idea into a success and poured everything he had into this company.  Customers began to show their excitement for this newly formed logistics provider and soon enough, companies were willing and eager to jump on board.
From its humble beginnings in a one room office and only one truck to its continued success and steady growth, Estenson Logistics has proven to be a leader in the field of dedicated logistics.


Trust Estenson to be your dedicated logistics provider. Our dedicated solutions are custom-designed to meet the most complex transportation challenges while providing the same benefits of a private fleet.   

  • We have an experienced team of transportation management experts
  • Implement technology for optimized routing, scheduling, and real-time visibility and performance metrics
  • Eliminate insurance and liability costs
  • Count on the industry’s best drivers to deliver the highest level of service
  • Redirect capital spend from transportation assets to focus on growing and managing your business, often we can purchase and assume existing equipment to ease with the transition.
  • Optimize trailer capacity with backhaul support, and increased tractor utilization across different customer accounts for synergistic opportunities
  • Provide flexibility for spikes in demand


560 W.Brown Rd.
Mesa, AZ.85201

Fax: 888.455.8092