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Essex Nursing and Rehab

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We are a skilled nursing facility offering quality rehabilitative care as well as excellent long-term care. We recognize how important it is to select the right health care option to meet your individual needs. Essex Nursing and Rehab has the programs and support services to assist you and your loved one as their care needs increase or decrease.

Essex Nursing and Rehab is located in Lebanon, IN. We are a small family-based community in Boone County – minutes from I-65 and Witham Hospital. We are approximately 20 miles from major medical offices and hospitals and 25 miles from downtown Indianapolis.

Our Mission

Essex Nursing and Rehab provides our residents with a warm and caring environment combined with cutting edge quality medical care, to help achieve positive everyday memories.


Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists will work with our Residents to increase independence with activities of daily living (ADL’s) including bathing, eating, dressing, self-care and home management tasks.

Safety awareness and fall prevention education is also provided by our Occupational Therapists.

Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapists will work with our Residents to regain strength and balance and also improve mobility. Based on the findings of our initial assessment, individualized exercises and education will help the Resident meet their rehab goals as quickly and safely as possible.

Rehab To Home

Essex Nursing and Rehab prides itself on success stories when Residents  are able to return to a more independent setting, including returning to home. Our therapist work hard to achieve the best possible results for our Residents.

Speech Therapy

The role of the Speech Therapist is to improve functional communication and cognitive skills of all of our Residents. They also monitor and modify swallowing techniques and introduce diet modifications and special feeding techniques when necessary for Residents who have decreased abilities in these areas.

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