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Enquirer Media (Battle Creek, MI)

Public Printing - Publishing < 100 Employees

The Enquirer is Battle Creek’s only daily newspaper. It serves Calhoun County and parts of four neighboring counties. It is the sole survivor of an evolutionary process in which intense competition among several daily newspapers was resolved through merger and buyout. The Enquirer's history began in 1900 when Joseph L. Cox, journalist, entrepreneur and inventor, founded the Morning Enquirer. In 1907 it was sold to cereal magnate C.W. Post and became the first newspaper in town to subscribe to The Associated Press. In 1910, A.L. Miller was hired to manage the Enquirer, thus beginning the long association of the Miller family with the newspaper and Battle Creek.

A.L. Miller launched a companion paper, the Evening News, in 1911 to challenge the competition from the Evening Journal, founded in 1872, and the Evening Moon, begun in 1878. Following the merger of these rival publications as the Moon Journal, Miller joined his twin papers under the banner Enquirer and News in 1918. The Enquirer and News absorbed its competition in 1940 and eventually moved its operations into a new building erected on the cobblestone foundations of the old Moon Journal plant.

Miller bought the Enquirer and News in 1928. It became a link in the chain of small newspapers which Miller purchased as head of Federated Publications, which eventually included the Lansing State Journal, the Lafayette (Ind.) Journal Courier, the Marion (Ind.) Chronicle-Tribune, The Idaho Statesman and the Bellingham (Wash.) Herald and Daily Olympian.

Miller continued as owner and publisher of the Enquirer and News until his death in 1952. His standard for civic responsibility and community leadership became a tradition honored by his successors, son Robert Miller Sr. and grandson Bob Miller Jr. In 1971, the Miller family enterprise, Federated Publications, became a wholly owned subsidiary of Gannett. The Enquirer and News officially changed its name in 1983 to the Battle Creek Enquirer, but for longtime residents it remains "the Enquirer-News" or simply the "Enquirer."

The most recent milestone occurred on Sept. 28, 1998, when the newspaper converted from afternoon to morning publication. Now the newspaper is delivered to subscribers by 5:30 a.m. daily and 7 a.m. Saturday and Sunday.

In November 2000, the newspaper launched, offering more than 50 local news items every day. The site provides information about all the local communities, schools and neighbors news.

Online classified gives readers the convenience of scanning for bargains online.

The newspaper has a large auto industry at, job postings at and places to live at, all powered by