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We are a locally owned and operated full service staffing agency with a strong emphasis in the Information Technology sector. We are active in the community, live in the community and have a strong understanding of the workforce challenges of the Orange and Los Angeles County Technology market.

At eNamix, we don’t simply place temporaries into jobs…we place people into projects and positions with the utmost care. Our staffing agents get to know our candidates’ unique talents, our employers’ specific needs, and align the two as accurately as possible. Our goal is to make the ideal match the first time. We pride ourselves on having the best cross section of job seekers and hiring companies in Southern California and are always enhancing these networks.


eNamix is dedicated to helping the best Computer Industry leaders and technologists make their impact. With our long history of serving the Southern California marketplace and our extensive base of client and employer contacts, we have the expertise, capability and desire to help you find your next exciting opportunity. It’s free and easy to apply for a specific job opening or submit your resume online now and one of our agents will contact you shortly to discuss how we can best assist in your job search.

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23151 Moulton Parkway, Suite 105
Laguna Hills, CA 92653