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EmpHire - HR Solutions Company has been serving the business community in South Florida since 1991.

We have network of offices to benefit our clients across the country.

EmpHire works with each client when applying its expertise in Human Capital Management to deliver the right workforce, at the right price, when it is needed; in other words, for the best value.

EmpHire processes and delivery execution are also the reasons for the long-term relationships it enjoys with its clients. The top 25 EmpHire client partnerships have an average tenure of 6.5 years, with many extended indefinitely.

Finding people who have the right skills and are the right fit for your organization is no accident. For over 18 years, EmpHire has delivered tailored workforce solutions to meet the needs of Light Industrial, Clerical, Accounting, Logistics, Distribution, Assembly, Manufacturing, Government Services, Hospitality, Special Events, Direct Hire, Professional Services and Long Term Contingent Staffing.


  • Increased contingent staff productivity
  • Greater consistency and flexibility
  • Potential cost savings through consolidated ordering and increased efficiencies
  • Time savings which provide managers with a greater focus on core business objectives
  • Improved reporting for quality and cost management


EmpHire takes a proactive approach to building a qualified workforce that fits the specific needs of each client.

To ensure that each client benefits from top quality temporary staff, each EmpHire associate is hired only after successfully completing: Initial Telephone Screening, In-depth One on One Interviewing, Skills Evaluation, Reference Checking, Background/Drug Screening and Associate On-boarding Orientation.

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