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Elite Media Communications

Private Sales - Marketing 3 Active Jobs

Elite Media specializes in retail programs for our clients’ products and services. Our extensive client base speaks for itself while we also represent the leader in Satellite Television Services. With the 2010 unveiling of our new marketing program, we have developed a major presence in some of largest chain retailers in the nation.

Elite Media was created to acquire and retain customers in a more personalized approach for various types of companies and businesses. Today, we lead the nation in outsourced marketing as well as in innovative marketing campaigns.

Our clients have specific areas of expertise ranging from home improvement to the biggest names in satellite television services. Our focus and goal for every client is to supply them with superior service and a quality sales team to enhance their product and services. With representatives nationwide, our one-on-one approach allows us to provide the highest quality sales and marketing services to our clients and their customers alike.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Elite Media is 100% promotion from within. Every person in our organization begins at the same level regardless of degree or experience. We have a very cohesive team mentality and environment and we firmly believe that by first “doing” you gain invaluable experience and understanding of all aspects of the business which only enhances your abilities to succeed in being the best in your field. Associates are promoted through our organization based upon three defining factors: Work Ethic, Ability to Manage People and Clients and a High Aptitude for Learning.

Career Opportunities

Our company pursues candidates that have an entrepreneurial spirit. Someone who is excited to start with our company at an entry level position and grow into upper management. Over the course of a year we have expanded our client portfolio and grown many new divisions and locations. Our goal is for select candidates to complete our training program and ultimately oversee and manage new programs, markets and locations.