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We are different from other recruiting firms. We don’t work with just any Restaurant/Hotel Group or take job orders to make money. Unlike other companies that have thousands of job orders, can they really take care of Candidate/Client with that much going on?

We are selective in choosing the clients with whom we work, taking care to partner with companies that offer their employees great training, competitive salaries, terrific benefits, and career growth opportunities. We are just as selective with our candidates, opting to work with industry professionals who have a solid base of experience, integrity, and a passion for their work.

While we may be picky, we’ve seen our approach result in successful hires time and time again – especially in a market where retention is “the word”. The hospitality industry has remained competitive throughout the overall economy’s ups and downs. In order to compete in this market, companies turn to EHS to build strong, stable management teams. Professionals turn to us to turn their passion, drive, and talent into successful careers.

EHS’s services go far beyond shuffling resumes. We have become career consultants for our candidates and business partners for our clients. We build a rapport and high level of trust with our clients and candidates that ensure successful partnerships, business, and careers.

Career Opportunities

We call ourselves Career Managers because even though the companies pay our fees our main concern is finding the “right fit” for the candidate. We take time to discover and evaluate the candidate’s skills, define their goals, ambitions and desires: we then guide you through every step of the interview process by providing the necessary information on each company/interviewer. Our companies/candidates appreciate us because we meet 90% of our candidates. We do not do 5 minute phone calls and then blast your resume across the internet. We also will not work with every company that will pay us. We only work with companies that take care of their managers and live up to their promises.

The majority of our management positions are not advertised and vary from day to day as we fill and take job orders from Clients. Our having your resume allows us to evaluate your abilities and begin networking for you immediately if you desire, let us assist you in locating the great career change you have been thinking about! So please search our jobs and apply on line for great career opportunities.