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Eco Services Operations, LLC

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Eco Services’ long and distinguished history in Sulfuric Acid has helped Eco Services achieve its position as the #1 provider of Regen Services and #1 Merchant Virgin Sulfuric Acid supplier in North America. In addition to these market leading positions, Eco Services also produces Liquid Aluminum Sulfate, incinerates pumpable industrial waste (Treatment Services), and offers cutting-edge tank and vessel cleaning services (Industrial Field Services).

Eco Services’ experience in Sulfuric Acid dates back to the founding of the Stauffer Chemical Company in 1885 in San Francisco, California. Sulfuric Acid was a key product for the Stauffer Chemical Company for use in mining and industrial applications. In 1943, Stauffer Chemical was a pioneer in Sulfuric Acid regeneration technology to support critical aviation gasoline production for the WWII effort.

Career Opportunities

Eco Services has a long history in the Sulfuric Acid industry. We are committed to helping our customers and employees achieve success by providing absolute reliability and superior customer service. As the number #1 provider of Regen Services and #1 Merchant Virgin Acid Supplier in North America, we have a great opportunity to do so. This means our employees have the chance to make a real impact. We offer challenging opportunities for employees with a desire to be part of a dynamic team.

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