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Eaton Vance

Public Banking - Financial Services 1,000 - 2,500 Employees Headquartered in Boston, MA 4 Active Jobs

Established and Focused

Originating in Boston in 1924, Eaton Vance is one of the oldest investment management firms in America and provides professional investment advice to individuals, trusts, charitable organizations and institutions. Throughout our 80 year history, the delivery of investment advisory services has been the primary business focus.

Comprehensive Wealth Manager

Since its founding, Eaton Vance has gained insight into all aspects of the wealth management cycle - the creation and growth of wealth, the protection and preservation of its value, and the ultimate distribution of wealth. Today, we make our wealth management expertise available to a wide range of individual and institutional investors through a variety of products and services designed to meet specific needs.

Public Company With Business Continuity

The common stock of EVIC's parent company, Eaton Vance Corp., is publicly traded and listed on the New York Stock Exchange, trading under the symbol EV. Senior corporate management and investment management professionals are substantial owners of the company’s voting and non-voting common stock.

Broad Asset Management Capabilities

Eaton Vance offers broad asset management capabilities with a well-balanced product line and leadership positions in major markets.

Stable, Highly Motivated and Capable Team

Eaton Vance’s team of over 90 investment management professionals, including portfolio managers, analysts, and traders, averages 15 years experience. A staff of over 200 support personnel assists our professionals in meeting the communication and service needs of our clients.

Eaton Vance’s senior management team has, generally, advanced through the company ranks and has been in place for many years. Most current employees are shareholders and employee turnover is low.

Disciplined Pursuit of Consistent Performance

Throughout its history, Eaton Vance has followed time-tested principles of investing that emphasize risk management and the pursuit of consistent long-term returns. Proprietary, fundamental research is the basis of our approach to security selection.

Client Focused

Eaton Vance emphasizes close working relationships with clients, highly customized investment management and outstanding service. Fundamental principles include an unwavering commitment to meet investment goals prudently; communication with clients as often as needed, compliance with privacy requirements; and a commitment to use all available resources and experience in providing investment advice.

Strong Record of Investment Returns

Eaton Vance has achieved a strong record of investment returns, with an above average long-term performance record relative to appropriate benchmarks.

Investment Management

Eaton Vance Investment Counsel (EVIC) follows accepted, time-tested investment principles that emphasize avoidance of unnecessary risk and the pursuit of above average long-term returns. Proprietary, fundamental research is the basis of our approach to security selection. We construct fixed-income, equity and balanced portfolios one security at a time, after intensive analysis of risk/reward characteristics and potential for above average long-term performance. We believe that effective risk management is key to strong investment performance. We seek to manage risk through rigorous research and analysis by building highly-diversified portfolios, and by adhering to our established investment disciplines. We seek to deliver long-term returns for our private clients by following a quality-oriented, buy-and-hold investment philosophy. Valuations and buy/sell decisions are governed by equity and fixed income disciplines that encourage patience with successful investments and ensure diligence in pruning under performing securities when necessary. We rely on the individual and collective strengths of our seasoned investment counselors and analysts.

We are particularly noted for our expertise in the management of taxable accounts for after-tax returns. Taxation of realized capital gains has a significant adverse effect on the potential compounding power of equity investing. Many professional money managers ignore taxes and manage all of their accounts similarly to simplify administrative requirements and to reduce performance dispersion among accounts for marketing purposes. We believe that individual investment objectives can be met only by client-specific solutions and knowledge of each client’s time horizon and cost basis to optimize after-tax returns.