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E7 International Inc

Private Internet - ECommerce Sales - Marketing Other Great Industries

E7 is a new company with a clear ambition. We help organisations bring their brands to life using our teams of amazing brand storytellers/ambassadors. In a world increasingly dominated by impersonal, online communications, we help brands cut through the digital noise by using the best tools of all; our mouths and ears. We talk and listen. We smile and laugh. We love the brands that we represent and we love helping them achieve their own ambitions. If your brand could benefit from more face-to- face time with real people we’d love to help you too.

Our Services

In a world where people are increasingly connected through online technology, the paradox is that it’s getting harder for brands to engage with their customers in a meaningful, human way. Our aim is to break down these barriers by re-connecting, and re-energising brands. Some might describe what we do as sales promotion, field marketing or face-to-face marketing. We call it bringing brands to life.

Our Culture

E7 international represents a culture, an ethos, an approach to live and working.