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Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions

Private Sales - Marketing Advertising Consumer Products < 100 Employees Headquartered in Charlotte, NC 5 Active Jobs

Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions is a premier sales and marketing consulting firm based in Charlotte, NC! We are honored to provide our services to top performing clients in the nation in the telecommunications, retail, cable and satellite industry, acting as a liaison to their target market. We are known for our results-driven direct marketing approach using our personalized person interaction as our specialty. Using our age-old approach with a new age twist, we provide our clients with a long-lasting customer base with an increase in name brand recognition. Our high standards of excellence catching attention and our exceptional results show our dynamic nature. Clients in need of professional representation look for the best - Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions! 

Our company goals are simple, we believe in "leadership development, team-oriented environment, and client education." Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions is based on essential values of integrity, excellence, ethical work, team unity, and leadership development. Here at Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions, we are determined to reach excellence! Our respected Management Training Program is what helps us get there! The leadership based program allows entry level candidates the skills and training needed to succeed. Each individual candidate is provided with ample training within the marketing and sales field and within 12-18 month, candidates with exceptional self-drive will oversee and manage a business outside of Charlotte! The results and team here are well, dynamic; we aim for nothing less here at Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions!

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We couldn't be more excited to announce that our team at Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions is celebrating three years in business! This has been an amazing journey so far and we can't wait to see where we land in the future. Check out this video showcasing a few of our favorite moments over the years.

The Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions team have started off 2019 with a bang! We attended a conference, promoted members into Account Manager positions, and have consistently hit our goals weekly. Don't miss a moment of this growth and follow us on Instagram!

Starting the year off in Orlando, FL was the best decision we have ever made! We headed to the Sunshine State to participate in our client's first conference of 2019. We couldn't have asked for a better time. Now, our goals are set and we are ready to tackle anything we put in our paths. Swing by our YouTube page for a video detailing our favorite highlights!

Career Opportunities

Want to join the Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions team?

Looking for a career? You came to the right place! Here at Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions, we create long term and continuously growing careers, not just jobs. We consistently look for intelligent and hard-working individuals not to fill empty seats but develop their inner entrepreneur and leadership style. We believe a growth based work environment is what makes the difference between a job and a career. Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions is determined to provide ongoing leadership training for every team member using our renowned Management Training Program. We recognize personal drive and we aim to provide our talented team the tools and skills to succeed! Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions is planning to expand into additional markets in the U.S. by 2019. For this goal to be met, we are hiring driven and ambitious individuals to join our team! With the best and brightest individuals in the Charlotte area, the expansion will be effortless and inevitable!

Every entry level professional will benefit from our Management Training Program in all areas of business management, sales, marketing and leadership development. Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions' goal is to prepare extraordinary candidates based on diligent work ethic and excelling motivation to manage the operations of an independent business office, oversees a team of 10+ individuals, develop a unique marketing campaign and establish our face-to-face approach for our esteemed clients outside of North Carolina! In only 12-18 months, eligible and determined candidates can become successful business leaders! We are a firm driven by "leadership development, team-oriented environment, and client education," and with Charlotte's finest professionals there is not stopping the Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions team!

Want to learn more? Visit our career section on our website for more about your next career move here with Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions!

Available Career Opportunities:

- Human Resources Manager
- Marketing/Sales
- Entry Level Recruiter
- Entry Level Sales
- Management Trainee
- Sales Account Representative


What is the company culture like at Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions?

Focus on Leadership - Here Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions, we strive to create leaders and not just incredible employees. We aim to provide our team with all the tools needed to discover their inner leader and let their entrepreneurship spirit soar!

Team Driven - We are a firm dedicated to the core of our company, our team members! We recognize that without the hard work and diligence of our team, we would not be the company we are today. For this reason, we strive to create a work environment where camaraderie and collaboration are essential!

Reaching for Success - With our goal for both team unity and leadership development, success is practically guaranteed! The Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions team are always ready for a challenge and the results are dynamic!

Dynamic Attitude - It's vital to have self-motivation, but what's even more essential is a great attitude! With the monthly office challenges, weekly team nights and ample growth opportunities there's no time for a bad attitude! Positivity is the key to success and our team proves it!

Goal Oriented -  Although based in Charlotte, NC., our goals are anything but little! Our team aims high and our increasing results speak for themselves! When your team is the perfect mix of athletes and scholars, competition and excellence comes naturally and our goals are always met!

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Main Office:
4801 E Independence Blvd. #203, Charlotte, NC 28212

(704) 209-7141



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