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Dynamic Business Solutions

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Dynamic Business Solutions is committed to promoting a positive and productive work culture that attracts top business professionals - our dedication to this culture begins by only promoting from within the company on a merit based program.

Our core values revolve around supporting our employees with world class training, a positive work environment, and a family oriented work place where we value our people. We are fast paced, achieve big goals, and only work with motivated individuals who share our goals: growth, commitment, and integrity.

There is no better way to manage your people than to have been in their shoes.

Join our rapidly growing team and begin an exciting career.


  • Competitive environment, but supportive. Everyone within the company is striving towards the same goal, but they are all able to reach it, without taking the position from someone else.
  • Team oriented. Not only do we work together within the office, but we also participate in events together outside the office. We organize weekly office nights where we socialize and network together, playing all sorts of sports as well as getting involved with philanthropic organization.
  • Growth focused. We partner with some of the largest fortune 500 companies in the United States. We focus on providing world class training to pave the road to success within our management development program.

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Dynamic Business Solutions Headquarters

Alysia Powers
Address: 9436 east 51st st Tulsa Oklahoma 74145
Phone #: (918) 728-2272