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DS Services of America


DS Services of America, Inc. (DS Waters) is a U.S. operated company that offers bottled water, brewed coffee and tea beverages and related equipment, break room supplies, and equipment and services for water filtration systems. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the company's products are produced at 28 company-managed production facilities, 10 supplier-managed facilities and delivered to over a million home, office, restaurants, food service organizations, convenience stores, and retail locations across the U.S. DS Waters is a leader in the home and office delivery of bottled water and several of our drinking water brands have been satisfying consumers for well over 100 years. DS Waters bottled water products are sold under the brand names Alhambra®, Athena®, Belmont Springs®, Crystal Springs®, Deep Rock®, Hinckley Springs®, Kentwood Springs®, Mount Olympus®, Nursery® Water, Sierra Springs®, and Sparkletts®. DS Waters also delivers brewed coffee and tea beverages, breakroom supplies under the Standard Coffee®, and Javarama® brands. DS Waters provides water filtration systems under the brands StanGuard Quality Water Assurance™ and MyUtapia®, as well as equipment and services under the Relyant Coffee Equipment Services™ brand. The company's bottled water product offerings include three and five gallon returnable bottles, one gallon, two and a half gallon and single-serve bottles. DS Waters also offers brewing systems for coffees and teas, as well as bottled water coolers and water filtration units. DS Waters and its associates provide safe drinking water to communities during emergencies such as hurricanes, fires, floods, droughts and other natural disasters. Visit,,,,,,, and, for more information.

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Career Opportunities

At DS Waters®, we're a diverse team of people committed to refreshing, refreshing bottled water. Our family of products includes some of the largest bottled water brands in the United States: Alhambra®, Athena®, Belmont Springs®, Crystal Springs®, Deep Rock®, Hinckley Springs®, Kentwood Springs®, Mt. Olympus®, Nursery® Water, Sierra Springs®, Sparkletts®, Standard Coffee®, and My Utapia™ water filtration. By combining the "best" of each individual brand, we have something to offer everyone, which is why we are a leader in home and office bottled water delivery.

We're looking for career-minded people to make a real impact in a fast-paced, high-energy environment that fosters individual growth and rewards performance.

DS Waters associates enjoy an excellent compensation plan and a flexible benefits package including medical, dental, vision and life insurance, paid time off AND discounts on our refreshing bottled water products! A variety of job opportunities are available in our Home and Office Delivery and Sales divisions.

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DS Waters of America, Inc.
5660 New Northside Drive, Suite 500
Atlanta, GA 30328