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Doosan Bobcat

Private Industrial

The Doosan Way is our unique way of doing business that has sustained Doosan for more than ten decades, and has given us a competitive edge for the future. As a values-based management system, it guides us as we set goals and make strategic decisions, and as we work to reach our company’s aspirations and fulfill our vision There are two key components of the Doosan Way: the Aspiration and the Doosan Credo.

Career Opportunities

Our high-quality programs improve productivity by enhancing working conditions and boosting employee morale. Our Doosan Credit Union, operated with employee investments, provides refreshing getaways, overseas backpacking trips, and condominiums in popular vacation sites across the country.
Our scholarship programs, including financial aid for family members, rewards systems, vehicle support, in-house fitness club and hotel-grade lodgings improve quality of life for employees. Other benefits include informal group activities, online education, financial support for funeral services, children’s reference books and baseball tickets.


Doosan envisions to be one of the global top 200 companies by 2020, executing people-centered management, the source of global competitiveness, and setting a global standard of business process.

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Doosan Bobcat 400 Perimeter Center NE # 750
Atlanta, GA 30346
United States

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