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DMC Atlanta

Private Sales - Marketing Advertising Other Great Industries < 100 Employees Headquartered in Atlanta, GA 12 Active Jobs

In 2003,
DMC Atlanta
was founded in response to a demand by the world's largest telecommunications, satellite broadcasting, and entertainment clients for a more effective way to gain market share in Atlanta's competitive retail market. DMC Atlanta is a perfect combination of innovative ideas, superb client service, and successful business professionals. Our philosophy of 100% internal, merit based promotion guarantees that we are able to offer career opportunities and the growth potential to realize career goals to people of all backgrounds.

Our goal is quite simple: Through an outstanding face-to-face sales and marketing team, DMC Atlanta provides the most professional and productive sales campaign for our most valued assets: our clients. In order to accomplish this goal and to keep up with client demand, we are continually looking for exceptional people to aid in the growth of our organization. DMC Atlanta's current goal is to promote seven managers within our organization by year-end and, within the next twelve months, to expand into eight to ten new markets -- all while improving our work with current clients and gaining new clients along the way!

Bulletin Board

Our annual philanthrophy on behalf of the #Movember campaign was a massive success. MONSTER success actually. Our company alone is going to change the face of prostate and testicular cancer research and there is nothing that makes us more proud than working with such generous, gracious team members!

We get this question often...and love it! We want to share our business model with everyone and made this "explainer" video to do so. If you're interested in learning more about the career opportunities or services of DMC Atlanta, hit play and enjoy!

Meet the man of the hour, Shamar Robinson, DMC Atlanta's newest management team member! We are truly honored to have such a hardworking individual not only join our team, but thrive! Take a look at his journey with us and be inspired by his next big moves. Read all about him on our WordPress blog!

An inspiration to us all, we watched with great pride as our CEO received a coveted consultant status on behalf of our client & broker. In this role, Adam will provide our client insight and hands-on guidance into opening new, profitable marketing & sales offices across the country! Watch his promotion video and speech in front of hundreds below!

Visit our newly designed Tumblr blog for leadership tips, business advice, and recent photos of our team at DMC Atlanta!

A Dynamic Approach

Why do multi-billion dollar clients choose to work with DMC Atlanta?

The answer is threefold: 

1) We offer the most cost-effective direct marketing strategy 
2) We work performance-based 
3) We acquire long-term, profitable customers on a daily basis! 

DMC Atlanta's clients trust that we will deliver tangible results, professional representation, and a 100% return on investment.

A Dynamic Team & Environment

Our team at DMC Atlanta is a diverse group of individuals with common goals. By hiring people from all backgrounds with varied levels of experience and education, we feel that we are able to grow more quickly and with more strength than a more standardized, homogeneous team. We believe that EVERY member of our team is better at ONE THING than everyone else. If we are able to draw each individual's strengths into the group, we will have no choice but to improve. DMC Atlanta begins every day with an upbeat, high-energy meeting designed to educate, empower and motivate its team. We believe that motion creates emotion. By practicing a style of management and leadership that is activity based, we are able to immediately implement what we teach, allowing our representatives to grow and develop more quickly than traditional classroom or field training alone.

Our managers have degrees from: University of Georgia, University of Florida Emory University, University of Kentucky, Louisiana State University, Arizona State University, Valdosta State University, University of Toledo, Culinary Institute of America