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Discount Tire Company has a vision that not only lives, but thrives, in the hearts of its employees, each and every day. From part-time to full-time employees at the store, regional or corporate level, our employees work to be the best in the business.

One common thread running through the hearts of everyone within the organization remains the same - treat customers, and one another, with respect and fairness, help those in need, always do what is right, work hard, be responsible, and have fun.

The employees of Discount Tire represent its philosophy and its brand by remaining knowledgeable, friendly and honest. By offering the highest level of customer service, more product choices and the lowest prices, they have earned the right to be considered trusted experts.

Building customer relationships has allowed Discount Tire to become a leader in the industry. Its continual growth not only provides greater opportunities for employee advancement, but allows even more customers to remain confident when choosing Discount Tire for all of their tire and wheel needs.

Company Overview

With more than 900 stores in 31 states, we have grown to become the world's largest independent tire and wheel retailer today. The company was founded in 1960 when founder Bruce T. Halle rented a building on Stadium Boulevard in Ann Arbor, MI. Although the inventory consisted of only six tires (four of which were retreads) and the showroom was not quite the showroom we see today, faith, vision and hard work were then, and still remain, the foundation on which this company has grown and prospered.

As with any new start up, Bruce Halle's venture faced numerous challenges - perhaps one of the biggest being that he didn't own an air compressor. Having only six tires and a portable air tank, Halle would race back and forth to a nearby gas station, filling the tires with air as he sold them. Out of necessity, he became a master at inventory turn. In addition to being the only salesman, Bruce Halle was the tire technician, accountant, store computer, sign painter and cleaning crew. Day by day, tire by tire, this one-man operation slowly grew into what is now one of the most recognized names in the industry.

Company Milestones

Discount Tire Milestones
Discount Tire, also known as America's Tire in California, Oregon and Washington, is America's largest tire and wheel store. Serving more than 40 million customers, Discount Tire has built its success on the motto, "Be fair, be truthful, work hard, be there on time, and help people."

1960: Store #1 Opens

  • 1960 Founder Bruce Halle opens the first Discount Tire store in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • 1966 DTC purchases their first automatic tire changer.

1970: 7 Stores and Growing
  • 1970 Arizona region opens. The first Discount Tire Road Hugger brand is sold.
  • 1975 Discount Tire's Little Old Lady is created for the "Thank You" TV ad.
  • 1979 Indiana opens first store.

1980: 36 Stores and Growing
  • 1980 Colorado region opens.
  • 1983 San Diego, Nevada, Oregon, Houston, New Mexico and Dallas stores open for business.
  • 1985 Utah becomes a region.
  • 1986 San Antonio opens its first stores.
  • 1987 Corporate headquarters relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • 1987 Washington stores open for business.
  • 1988 Los Angeles stores open for business.
  • 1989 Florida stores open for business.

1990: 209 Stores and Growing
  • 1993 Northern California begins as a new region.
  • 1994 Our web store, Discount Tire Direct, opens for business.
  • 1995 Illinois stores open for business.
  • 1997 Ohio stores open for business.
  • 1999 Carolina stores open for business.

2000: 418 Stores and Growing
  • 2001 Georgia, Minnesota and South Carolina regions open.
  • 2001 Michigan grows with two regions, opening offices in Lansing and Detroit.
  • 2002 Store #500 opens.
  • 2002 New corporate headquarters opens in North Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • 2002 New prototype store is launched.
  • 2002 Mobile service begins.
  • 2004 Discount Tire goes NASCAR racing as it sponsors the No. 41 Dodge.

2005: 600 Stores and Growing
  • 2005 Orange County, CA is named our newest region.
  • 2005 August - store #600 opens in Acworth, Georgia.
  • 2006 Discount Tire employees grow to over 10,000 with more than 600 locations in 18 states.
2006: 650 Stores and Growing
  • 2006 Discount/America's Tire employs over 10,000 employees
  • 2006 Discount/America's Tire grows to 650 locations in 19 states
  • 2006 Discount/America's Tire announces new NASCAR racing team and sponsors No. 6 Discount Tire Ford Fusion with Roush Fenway Racing.
2007: 20 States and Growing
  • 2007 Wisconsin opens first store.
  • 2007 Tennessee opens first store.
  • 2007 Discount/America's Tire expands operations to 20 states.
  • 2007 DiscountAmerica's Tire No. 6 Driver David Ragan Wins Nationwide NASCAR Series Rookie of the Year.
2008: Over 725 stores in 21 states
  • Store 700 opens in Waxahachie, Texas 
  • Oklahoma opens first store
  • Discount/America's Tire No. 6 Nationwide NASCAR team finishes fourth in point standings for 2008
  • Arizona Corporate Excellence (ACE) awards Discount Tire #1 in revenue and among the fastest growing private companies in the state
2009: Now Serving 22 states with over 750 stores
  • Store 750 opens in Sparks, Nevada
  • First new store in Idaho marks Discount/America's Tire's expansion to 22 states.

2010: Now Serving 23 states with over 790 stores
  • Discount/America's Tire celebrates 50 year anniversary
  • Store 790 opens in Duluth, Minnesota
  • First new store opens in Wyoming, marking Discount/America's Tire expansion to 23 states
  • Discount/America's Tire No. 22 Driver Brad Keselowski wins the Nationwide NASCAR Series Championship
  • Arizona Corporate Excellence (ACE) awards Discount/America's Tire #1 in revenue
2011: Company Celebrates Store 800
  • Store 800 opens in Rocklin, California
  • Arizona Corporate Excellence (ACE) awards Discount/America's Tire #1 in revenue• Discount/America's Tire Driver Daijiro Yoshihara wins the 2011 Formula Drift Series Championship
2012: Continuing To Grow
  • December: Store 850 opens in Redmond, Washington
  • Company expands to new markets in Boise, Idaho and Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • Our racing sponsorships include NASCAR Nationwide Series, Monster Energy AMA Supercross, Formula D, Global RallyCross Championship and LOORRS racing.

2013: Moving Into The Heartland
  • Stores open in Louisville and Bowling Green, Kentucky. Now serving 24 states.
  • New store opens in Omaha, Nebraska. Now serving 25 states.
  • New stores open in Kansas City, Missouri. Now serving 26 states.
  • New stores open in Davenport, Iowa. Now serving 27 states.
  • New stores open in Kansas. Now serving 28 states.
  • The company grows to 875 stores in 2013.


Benefits–Full Time Employees • Excellent Starting Salary • Excellent Training Program • Employee Referral Bonus • Regular Performance Reviews • Paid Vacations • Paid Holidays • Sales and Service Awards • Flexible Spending Accounts • Short/Long Term Disability • 401k Plan • Medical/Dental Insurance • Life Insurance • Vision Insurance • Employee Assistance Program Benefits–Part Time Employees • Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance • 401k Plan • Excellent Starting Salary • Excellent Training Program • Employee Referral Bonus • Regular Performance Reviews

Products & Services

Discount Tire offers the largest selection of tires including leading brands such as Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone, and Discount Tire exclusive brands such as Arizonian and Roadhugger. Discount Tire also offers wheels like Enkei, Konig, Weld Racing and exclusive brands including MB Wheels, Victory Wheels and Hot Wheels.

At, customers can locate a store, search for and purchase tires and wheels for their vehicles, schedule appointments for installation, register for email discounts, and gain access to safety tips and other helpful information. In addition, Discount Tire's Interactive Wheel System allows customers to visualize wheels on their vehicle prior to purchase.

In the store, Discount Tire's professionals are expertly trained in the latest product offerings, vehicle fitments, installation techniques and safety and quality issues, many of which are highlighted in the Info Center of This ensures that the most appropriate products and services are purchased and installed on your vehicle. The type of vehicle, driving conditions, weather and other issues may impact Discount Tire's recommendations to the customer.

Additional Topics of Interest:

  • Tire "Siping"
- The process cuts thousands of gripping edges across the tire tread, which significantly enhances all-season traction and stopping power. The sipping process minimizes heat build-up and hydroplaning.

  • Air Pressure Regulation - Keeping the correct air pressure in your tires is as important as giving your engine a tune up. With the right amount of air pressure, tires wear longer, save fuel, enhance handling and prevent accidents.

  • Only Replacing 2 Tires? - Discount Tire recommends mounting them on the rear. Deeper tread with greater hydroplaning resistance helps new tires grip wet roads. The driver can steer to compensate for the lower wet traction of the worn front tires and safely maintain control.

  • Plus Sizing - For greater lateral stability and increased steering response, plus sizing is one of the easiest ways to achieve enhanced performance and improve the appearance of your vehicle. Converting to a plus 1 size would mean increasing the wheel diameter by 1" and selecting an appropriate tire to fit. It is important to note that although the wheel diameter is increasing, the overall diameter of the tire remains consistent.

  • Tire Repair- For safety, tires are only repaired in accordance with RMA's (Rubber Manufacturers Association) Recommended Procedures.

  • Ride Matching - When a wheel and tire are mounted together they are seldom joined at the one ideal spot. Each of these units, though they may be built to specification, can add to the slight error of the other. As they spin together, the tire and wheel are exerting forces simultaneously in different directions generating a vibration. Ride Matching measures these forces and calculates how a particular wheel and tire pairing should be matched. The source of this disturbance cannot be sensed during wheel balancing. The Ride Matching process takes a skilled operator approximately 20 minutes to perform on a set of tires and wheels. The process will improve ride quality, performance and wear.