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Delta Construction Partners, Inc.

Private Employment - Recruiting - Staffing 81 Active Jobs

At Delta, we exist in order to help leaders in the construction industry achieve their business and personal goals. The firm was founded to offer an ever-increasing and improving array of services to provide firm leaders with the tools they need to succeed. What began with a simple concept has grown to become a comprehensive suite of services, including executive search, business transition services, and management consulting services covering virtually every aspect of business management.

We know the challenges you face in managing a successful construction firm. Whether it's finding the right employee, surviving the prolonged downturn in the economy, developing and executing a business & strategic business plan, creating an effective business development strategy, planning for ownership and leadership transition, or entering a new geographic market or exit altogether through mergers and acquisitions, we can help.

Our dedicated team is constantly interviewing to find the best candidates for all top management and operations positions across the broad spectrum of talent throughout the U.S. Our consulting staff has the advantage of working directly with dozens of firms each year-helping them to solve their most pressing business challenges. And in addition, they have the experience of having led and directed construction companies as well so what they recommend aren't theories, they are based on real world experience and the advantage of having worked with hundreds of other companies as well.

Career Opportunities

Delta Construction Partners specializes in connecting the Nation’s premier General, Mechanical, and Electrical Contractors with the industry’s most accomplished construction management professionals.

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