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DAP Acquisitions

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DAP Acquisitions is a growing, energetic direct marketing and sales company that has recently expanded from New Jersey to Seattle, Washington. DAP Acquisitions specializes in customer acquisitions and brand awareness using market research and proven methods.

The main focus of DAP Acquisitions is to create long-lasting, meaningful relationships with customers and clients alike. We provide the customers with direct, face-to-face communication while giving the clients measurable results. The use of direct marketing allows for a greater accuracy on the return of investment for our clients versus any other form of marketing.

Our direct marketing strategies have been to proven to work any campaign, whether it is business-to-business, direct-to-consumer, or retail, we get the job done. Our job is not over until the client has the results they want, this is what separates us from other direct marketing companies. We do not just work 9-5, we work until the client sees measurable results. The no-risk of direct marketing makes it a no choice for companies looking to expand.

The team at DAP Acquisitions is very diversified, having people from all over the country, with all different backgrounds, work for us. It’s a firm belief that everyone has a story and their unique experiences will bring an added flavor to the team. These flavors allow for clients to have different perspectives that they may not have thought of.

We believe in zero risks for any clients that want to work with us. Every one of our staff members is hand trained to ensure that they fully understand the client’s product. This specialized training guarantees that our staff is giving the customer’s the correct and valuable information. Our attention to detail, making sure our customer acquisition and retention rival to no other. Relationships with current clients ensure growth throughout the Pacific Northwest.


DAP Acquisitions, Seattle’s premier Marketing Company is a leader in customer acquisitions, and we pride ourselves on developing new, unique campaigns and brand loyalty for our clients by using effective direct marketing campaigns.

How do we do this you ask? By creating a commitment to guarantee results through a hands-on approach and maximizing a person’s potential by allowing the freedom of individuality and collaborative power of a team environment.

Our aim is to represent our clients with confidence, professionalism, and transparency. We understand that each client is unique; we that take that uniqueness and develop a campaign tailored to the clients’ wants and needs in order to attain the greatest results.

After relocating to Seattle from the outskirts of New York City, the goal is to expand throughout the Pacific Northwest and eventually down the Pacific Coast. By the 4th quarter of 2017, DAP Acquisitions is expected to expand to four new locations in the Washington area. By 2020, to have expanded to 100 offices across the America, Asia, and Europe.

Why Choose Us

Any team is only as strong as its weakest link. At DAP Acquisitions every team member is trained and tested with individual attention. Everyone is set-up for success. When all team members find success DAP finds success.

Keeping the standard high. Here at DAP, we have a winner’s attitude and we are not willing to accept any other negative mindset. We take pride in our fun environment but we accept nothing but the best as success breeds success.

We believe in positive mentality. One of the greatest attitudes of a winning mentality is the ability to adapt. Whether it’s customer satisfaction, client relationships or work environment, we strive to be the best. If we are not, we adapt to get the best outcomes possible.

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