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CTL/Thompson, Inc.

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With experts in Colorado and Wyoming, CTL | Thompson's thorough and thoughtful team of engineering consultants and field technicians can identify potential design and construction-related issues in commercial, residential and industrial projects and recommend sound engineering solutions - saving clients time, and more importantly, money.

Our geotechnical engineers, geologists and scientists are seasoned professionals with backgrounds in geotechnical, civil and structural engineering, industrial hygiene, biology and geology. With such diverse resources, CTL | Thompson has built time-tested trust with our technical excellence, industry experience, high standards of performance and professionalism.


At CTL | Thompson, we know that some projects require an array of services and some require only one or two. From materials testing to structural engineering, foundation design to environmental engineering, CTL | Thompson provides engineering services from the moment a project is conceived through construction and throughout the life of any given project including maintenance or remediation.

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CTL | Thompson, Inc.
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